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Magazines ABC Q1 2023: Some good increases as magazines consolidate

There are some good increases in the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) of South Africa's Q1 2023 Consumers Magazines.
Image: Bizcommunity There were some good increases shown in the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) of South Africa in some categories for Consumers Magazines in Q1 2023
Image: Bizcommunity There were some good increases shown in the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) of South Africa in some categories for Consumers Magazines in Q1 2023

Despite continuing shifts, with terminations, no submissions and resignations, the category is quietly starting to consolidate, with highlights from the Consumer and B2B categories as well as the Custom category showing up.

Consumer Magazines

There were several double-digit increases on the previous quarter in this category.

This includes Financial Mail in the Business and News sector, Marktoe in the Farming sector, SA Home Owner and Visi in the Home sector, GQ in the Male sector, Compleat Golfer in the Sport and Hobby sector and Cape Etc. in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sector.

Proving that there is still life in the Women’s General sector, five publications (of 11, with five decreasing on the previous quarter) showed upward movement, with Glamour and True Love, in double figures.

Both TV Plus (Afrikaans) and TV Plus (English) have been discontinued. These are the only two publications that were left in the Entertainment sector.

Arts, Culture and Heritage
PublicationFrequencyFree circulationTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Jewish LifeMtly8,6328,6322.3%-3.8%
Val de Vie Magazine2xA0No Issue
Business and News
Financial MailWkly, Fr2,50313,89015.1%7.6%
Forbes AfricaAltM4,2419,8096.4%2.5%
The Big Issue MagazineMtly1805,600-24.5%-15.9%
Conservation and Wildlife
African BirdlifeAltM0No Submission
TV Plus (Afrikaans)F0Discontinued
TV Plus (English)F0Discontinued
Family Interest
HuisgenootWkly, Th3,747101,635-3.5%-19.8%
Plus 50 6xA1,0055,3330.5%-4.1%
The Crest7xA10,27210,272-0.2%-17.2%
The Ridge8xA12,56812,5682.9%-18.5%
YouWkly, Th1,94351,682-4.2%-23.3%
Farmer's WeeklyWkly, Fr1045,807-9.5%-19.4%
Grond tot MondQ30,40630,406No Issue
LandbouweekbladWkly, Th011,7615.4%-7.3%
Veeplaas11xA0Changed Sector
Health & Wellbeing
Grow to Eat3xA2,25211,715-0.1%No Issue
Odyssey MagazineQ0Resigned
Conde Nast House & GardenMtly2,59411,558-2.2%-1.2%
Easy DIYQ0Resigned
Food&Home MagazineQ2,98513,3730.2%New Member
Lose It,Q07,240-24.7%-34.2%
SA Home Owner11xA3,60319,69628.4%-5.4%
Sarie Kos / FoodQ012,739-3.6%No Issue
The Gardener / Die TuinierMtly5,57323,331-9.6%10.2%
Tuis Home8xA062,273-0.2%-15.7%
Let’s Braai / Kom ons Braai (former The Ultimate Braai)Ann0No IssueReporting change
Life & Style4xA4,7004,700-2.1%New Member
Men's Health6xA3,89215,100New Member
Popular MechanicsMtly0Ceased Publishing
Bike SAMtly0Publication Closed
Driven MagazineMtly7,6477,647-0.9%12.2%
Baba & KleuterQ09,148No Issue25.9%
Baby's and BeyondQ7,3379,8473.6%No Issue
Things to do With Kids2xA0ResignedNew Member
Your Pregnancy and BabyAltM1,5765,667-7.1%3.0%
Dog DirectoryAnn0Resigned
Sport and Hobby
Compleat GolferMtly5,8749,14310.5%53.6%
Kick OffMtly0Discontinued
SA RugbyMtly1,6379,489-6.7%-23.9%
Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
Cape Etc3xA4,0987,30810.3%7.4%
go! Drive & Camp and Weg! Ry & SleepAltM025,2342.0%-17.7%
Weg / Go PlattelandQ016,269-9.0%-24.8%
Woman's General
BONA MagazineMtly2,78616,01411.2%New Member
Garden & Home MagazineMtly4,11315,118-3.2%0.0%
Rooi Rose MagazineAltM5,85629,4981.5%13.6%
True LoveAltM010,81229.0%-38.5%
Women & Home MagazineMtly7,88729,099-3.3%3.3%
Women's Health6xA4,34112,761New Member

B2B Magazines

As in previous quarters, the B2B category continues to deliver some good results.

Good gains came from the Agricultural sector, with Veeplaas and Stockfarm being the best in this sector. Engineering - Other, Health and Wellbeing (MIMS increasing on the previous quarter by 105.8%), Civil Construction, Management (Black Management Quarterly the highlight here) and Mining sector all had good increases.

The Industry sector was a mixed bag with three publications increasing on the previous quarter, one decrease, five no issues, one resignation, one termination and four reporting changes.

PublicationFrequencyFree circulationTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
OVK Nuus/News4xA4,7554,7550.0%-4.0%
SA Graan / GrainMtly20,92720,927-1.9%-1.3%
SABI MagazineAltM0Resigned
Veeplaas11xA3,7258,61222.3%Changed Sector
Leading Architect & DesignAltM6,7186,767-1.4%-4.0%
SA Building ReviewAnn8,5369,411No Issue2.0%
To Build3xA8,5079,749-0.8%Reporting Change
Taxi GuardianMtly0Terminated
Civil Construction
Construction WorldMtly16,51316,5130.1%12.0%
Future SA4xA0No IssueNew Member
Nex Media4xA0Resigned
SA ProfileAnn8,6939,767No IssueReporting change
The Gapp MagazineAltM0Resigned
Electrical Engineering
Electricity & ControlMtly13,44013,4400.2%9.9%
ESI AfricaQ0No IssueReporting change
Sparks Electrical NewsMtly14,15914,159-0.1%9.2%
Engineering - Other
Capital Equipment NewsMtly12,82612,8260.4%9.7%
MechChem AfricaAltM10,21710,2174.0%15.0%
Motion ControlQ2,1112,1110.9%5.0%
Plumbing AfricaMtly11,20011,2924.0%17.1%
Refrigeration and AirconditioningMtly6,9426,956-0.5%3.7%
SA Instrumentation & ControlMtly4,4114,4113.5%8.1%
Water & Sanitation AfricaAltM7,9907,9904.9%16.5%
Health and Wellbeing
Hi-Tech Security Solutions8xA4,2754,2750.9%5.4%
Medical Chronicle11xA27,48327,4832.5%15.0%
Modern Medicine MagazineAltM3,3403,81411.0%2.9%
South African Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review11xA2,9022,922-2.3%0.3%
The Specialist Forum Journal11xA11,64511,645-46.7%-41.8%
Hospitality, Catering and Tourism
MeetingsAltM4,7094,7092.0%Reporting Change
MeetingsAltM0Changed Sector
Analytical ReporterAltM5,5255,5250.0%1.9%
Cold Link AfricaAltM4,1014,108-1.7%-4.8%
Free State Business, Ann0No IssueReporting Change
Gauteng CompaniesAnn0No IssueReporting Change
KwaZulu Natal BusinessAnn0Reporting Change
Lighting in DesignQ7,4007,4003.3%17.2%
Limpopo Business.,Ann0No IssueReporting Change
LINKED by Jewellers NetworkQ0ResignedResigned
North West BusinessAnn0Reporting Change
Northern Cape BusinessAnn0Reporting Change
Opportunity (Exploring Business Prospects in SA)Q0Reporting Change
Opportunity (Exploring Business Prospects in SA)Q4,9294,9290.2%0.0%
South African Business2xA0No IssueReporting change
South African Food Review11xA3,7053,74929.1%-16.4%
The Journal of African BusinessQ0No IssueNew Member
The Responsible & Sustainable Tourism HandbookAnn0Terminated
Western Cape Business,Ann0No IssueReporting Change
Information and Computer Technology
African DecisionsQ10,16611,765-2.9%-6.4%
Black Business QuarterlyQ44,43344,69219.9%-0.7%
Blue Chip,Q0No Issue
Business Day EarthAnn0No IssueNew Member
Business Day EmpowermentAnn0No IssueNew Member
FA NewsAltM1,7531,923-34.1%-34.3%
KZN InvestQ0No Issue
Money MarketingMtly7,6717,6743.2%-1.3%
South African Business Intergrator2xA8,5789,8830.7%0.7%
Mining & Quarrying
African Mines HandbookAnn0No IssueReporting Change
African Mining Inc. Mining Mirror11xA20,97621,061-0.2%-10.5%
Engineering News & Mining WeeklyWkly, Fr10,06612,7030.1%-5.4%
Inside MiningQ9,1189,1180.3%36.4%
Mining Review Africa11xA0No IssueReporting Change
Modern MiningMtly13,97413,9742.5%15.0%
Modern QuarryingQ6,8056,8055.0%22.2%
DIY And Industrial Trade NewsMtly10,10810,108-1.5%-6.3%
Pharmacy Magazine (former Frontshop)Mtly16,72516,7255.9%-9.4%
SpotongAltM0Changed Sector
Transport and Logistics
Freight News FeaturesMtly5,7495,950-3.4%1.9%

Custom Magazines

This category showed some good increases on the previous quarter. The highlight being Jet Club in the Retail sector. It is also the only magazine to show double-figure increases.

Despite this, while there were a few decreases on the previous quarter, the culling of the category continued, with four resignations, two no submissions, three changed publishers, two no issues, and one changed sector and one digital only.

PublicationFrequencyFree circulationTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Dairy Mail, TheMtly1,2071,2114.3%-45.4%
Health & Wellbeing
FitlifeMtly0Changed Publisher
Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes SA3xA0Resigned
SA Pharmaceutical Journal10xA0No Submission
South African Medical JournalMtly8,5818,8181.1%-5.2%
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia &AnalgesiaAltM0Resigned
Fresh Living Q0Resigned
Living SpaceMtly12438,5401.9%17.7%
My KitchenMtly70076,9952.8%18.9%
Industry Specific
Forum TydskrifQ0No SubmissionReporting Change
J S EQ12,66614,4711.7%0.0%
Sea Rescue3xA0No IssueNo Issue
In Flight MagazineMtly34,85234,8527.3%47.8%
Private EditionQ0No IssueNo Issue
MotorMtly0Changed Publisher
De Rebus11xA0Digital only
Club MagazineMtly6,666262,228-2.6%1.9%
Jet Club7xA0262,65012.7%-6.9%
Sport and Hobby
Game & Hunt/Wild & JagMtly66,87168,4430.5%-4.9%
SA Hunter/Jagter8xA0Resigned
Soccer ClubMtly50050,3483.8%16.5%
Sports ClubMtly570103,4616.3%24.9%
Wildland MagazineMtly0Changed Sector
Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
EscapesMtly0Changed Publisher
Rove SA2xA8,0899,7075.4%No Issue
Woman's General
Balanced LifeMtly26649,9860.5%7.3%
Kids Super ClubMtly49073,5164.7%16.6%

Free magazines

This category continues to quietly go about its business with Q1 2023 showing better results than the previous quarter, when there was only one increase on the previous quarter. Q1 2023 had three publications show an increase on the previous quarter, with three 0% increases/decreases and one decrease on the previous quarter.

PublicationFrequencyTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Botswana Advertiser.F99,9650.0%1.7%
Get It (Ballito to Umhlanga)Mtly11,9650.0%9.5%
Get It (Bloemfontein)Mtly6,8900.0%0.0%
Get It (Highway)Mtly11,779-0.3%20.2%
Get It (Jo'burg South)Mtly14,7500.0%0.1%
Get It (Jo'burg West)Mtly14,5009.2%-1.6%
Get It (Lowveld)Mtly6,2000.0%0.0%
Get It (Northern Suburbs Joburg)Mtly14,8000.3%-0.2%
Get It (Pretoria)Mtly14,6730.1%0.0%

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