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Road freight and logistics industry wage negotiation a success

The National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistic Industry (NBCRFLI) and the Parties to Council have announced the signing of a three-year wage agreement.

The intended date of implementation of the agreement is 1 March 2019, following the expiry of the current agreement on 28 February 2019; however, the agreement still has to go through the process of promulgation and extension to non-parties by the Minister of Labour.

Among the provisions included in the wage agreement are:

Wage increases and minimum adjustments

The Parties to Council agreed to the following wage increases and minimum adjustments:

  • Annual increases Across the Board (ATB) for all job categories (including EBU up to B4) except for C1 category, as follows:
    2019 - 8%
    2020 - 7.5%
    2021 - 7.5%

  • With EBU C1 job category receiving annual increases at 1%, less than the above agreed ATB.

  • Parties further agreed on minimum adjustments from Grade 1 to 5 for all Chambers. There are also minimum adjustments from Grade B2 to B4 for Cash in Transit Chamber.


  • In addition to the annual wage increment and minimum adjustments, Parties agreed on 50% increases for Cross-Border Allowance for the first and second year of implementation. The final year of implementation will see 7.5% increase.

  • Subsistence Allowances will also increase by 35% over the three-year period.

  • A Dual Driver Allowance will increase through the introduction of payment equal to two hours calculated at overtime rate over and above the existing Dual Driver Allowance.

  • Night Shift Allowances will increase by 20% from the current base amount of R10, on the first year of implementation of the agreement, and by 7.5% for the two subsequent years of implementation.

  • Hazchem Allowances will also increase from the 1.5% calculation to 2% of the minimum of the grade.

    The wage negotiations took place in the current technical recession that our country is faced with; however, the Council is proud that the wage agreement was signed without any industrial action and would like to thank the Parties to Council for their dedication and hard work; and for negotiating harmoniously in reaching this agreement.

    We are confident that the industrial relations between the Parties will improve and bring stability to our industry.

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