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Pick n Pay to support local wine industry in 2021

In an effort to assist the local wine industry in South Africa in recovery, Pick n Pay will show their support by buying approximately 25 million bottles of local wine to be sold across stores nationwide in 2021.

Following the financial strains from prolonged restrictions on trade and export of the local wine industry, Pick n Pay has committed to buying 25 million bottles of wine in 2021 to support the local wine industry recover.

According to Vinpro, the local wine industry had lost around R400m a week in revenue when alcohol sales were banned. The industry currently has an estimated 250 to 300 million litres of uncontracted wine, according to Vinpro and SAWIS (South African Wine Industry Information & Systems). This is almost a year’s worth of wine sales.

SA's wine industry welcomes latest Covid-19 regulations

Wineries may continue to sell wine during licenced trading hours throughout the week.

15 Dec 2020

Gavin Ievers, head of liquor at Pick n Pay, says that the company wants to play its part in helping the local wine industry recover.

“There were months during lockdown where we were unable to trade in liquor, and then had restrictions on trading days and hours, so we really understand what the industry is going through. Vineyards were lost and many farms are in business rescue, are experiencing cash flow issues, or have excess volumes they simply can’t move fast enough.”

While the easing of alcohol sales in November was a welcome relief to winemakers, who with the new restrictions can sell wine for off-consumption at estate cellar doors to weekend visitors, the effects of lockdown will be felt for years to come. Winemakers are struggling to sell enough wine to make room for new harvests.
SA's wine sector at a crossroads after a challenging year

The Covid-19 lockdown halted sales and exports of South Africa's second most lucrative agricultural product, exacerbating challenges that were already in play...

By Daneel Rossouw 21 Dec 2020

“We’re in a perfect position to help our wine estates and we’ll be promoting local wines right across our stores, and online,” says Ievers.

Pick n Pay’s wine buyers will be working closely with wine farms in the coming weeks to help them sell their excess volumes, and will launch new ranges in store and online.

“We are inviting wine farms to work with us, so we can do what we can to help, and prevent estates from having to close their doors. We are making more space available in our stores for local wines, and we’re listing more local wines on our online shop. We’ll be backing this up with strong promotions.”

Pick n Pay will also use its Smart Shopper free-to-join Wine Club, now with 140,000 wine-loving members in South Africa. The Wine Club promotes local wineries and producers and offers additional points for buying local wines, unique monthly discounts and exclusive invitations to events.

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