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When the term 'crunch time' means more than something in our industry

As per usual (now), it's expected to kick off a content piece like this with, 'we are seeing the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic', etc...
Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash.

Astronomical and celestial

Yes, we get it. It’s an epidemic. Other words in the worldwide thesaurus link its ‘synonym’ search back to impressive stuff like ‘astronomical’ and ‘celestial’.

In my opinion, which in every sense, has little intention of side-tracking any virus ‘talk’, associates a global media craze where quick, sensational and too-juicy-to-lose-out-on ‘news’ have made headlines, more than our already-absorbed minds can attain.

Where the recipients are at the mercy of the world’s news carriers, where do we, as responsible, ‘non-fake’ information delivers spread the ‘real’ story?

Messaging in a time of crisis

Nicole Capper, CEO of managing director of Mango-OMC shares some insights from conversations she's had with partners and agency owners around the world about messaging in a time of crisis...

By Nicole Capper 20 Mar 2020

We are, at every expense of what each and every one of us has set out to do in our five to ten (and more) year life plan, at the end of our rope. Are we really?

Turning point

Interestingly, the concept of self-isolation is one that is freely shared among various communities. Its existence is inevitable, unavoidable. Us, as media and counterparts to communicating companies’ inspiring stories, are now at the turning point where the client’s tale can hit home harder than ever before.

We are faced with consistent challenges and yet, we, as individuals who are passionate about creative, real and no BS-stories, are allowed to filter clients’ brands/products’ narratives down to the stories they really want (and need) to tell… we are the ones at the forefront. Because… who can tell a client’s true story better than those who have spent most of their lives refining the skill to do so?

Communications in a time of crisis

Any crisis calls for strong leadership, delivered with clear, concise communications, explains Sandra Gordon, CEO of Stone Soup PR...

By Sandra Gordon 18 Mar 2020

This is not a time of hopelessness, but – and feel free to shoot me with comments – one where we, as public relations professionals, have the opportunity to show our clients the long-term benefits of their investment in PR.

Be confident in what you do. I’m still learning. Heck, I have little to show in the real, big bad PR world. But, I know where my shortfalls are… and understanding your clients' shortfalls may just add to the plot of their next chapter. It’s up to you.
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