SnapnSave introduces personalised promotions

South African cashback grocery coupon service, SnapnSave, has added personalised promotions to the popular app.

SnapnSave introduces personalised promotions

With SnapnSave, shoppers receive cashback on their favourite products, wherever they shop, simply by snapping a photo of their till slip and submitting it through the app. With over 3 million till slips submitted over the last 3 years, the company says it's built an extensive library of insights into shopper and vendor purchase behaviour across all retailers and wholesalers in the country.

With the launch of personalised promotions, these slip insights can be utilised by brands to 'hyper-target' customers by identifying shoppers and vendors who are buying similar products and potential customers based on potential purchasing power.

"SnapnSave till slip insights improve the profiling ability of brands beyond the traditional customer demographics" says Tina Fisher, chief marketing officer and co-founder of SnapnSave. "Why talk LSM when you can hyper-target and identify customers that buy similar brands, and more importantly, understand when and where they shop?”

"With SnapnSave promotion technology, brands are in control - they can promote at any retailer or wholesaler, and set their own budget, all while only paying for actual performance. You can offer different promotions to different customer groups at different times without having to deal with retailers. This ensures that you get the most impact out of your promotional spend and convert new customers at the same time," says Fisher.
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