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#DropTheBoxSA with Jordan's toothpastes

Every year millions of trees and billions of litres of water are used to produce toothpaste boxes which serve little purpose and typically get thrown away immediately. According to Alan Wurman who started the petition on, toothpaste is used by two-thirds of the world's population on a daily basis and estimates that over 900,000,000 toothpaste boxes are discarded per year in the USA alone.
#DropTheBoxSA with Jordan's toothpastes

Leading global oral care brand, Jordan, has made significant strides in the last few years in line with its mission to developing offerings produced with the best interests of human beings, animals and the environment in mind. Their goal to launch more eco-friendly packaging and products that leave a smaller environmental footprint was typified with the recent launch of their box-free Kids Toothpaste and Adult Toothpaste in addition to their Jordan Green Clean Toothbrush which won the European Sustainability Award for best recycled plastic product.

Jordan’s exclusive South African distributor, ACDOCO SA, launched the brand’s box-free adult toothpaste range in the third quarter of 2019. The range features its specially formulated Stay Fresh™ technology and comes in three variants – Fresh Breath (12 hours of fresh breath), White Smile (proven stain removal) and Cavity Defence (stronger teeth).

Jordan Kids Toothpaste is enjoying remarkable traction in South Africa. Each paste is specifically formulated to be gentle and effective for each age group with recommended fluoride levels and 0% SLS. What’s more, the great taste has proven to be a hit with kids increasing brushing time and frequency. This was evident by a local consumer review campaign, where Jordan Kids Toothpaste scored 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

Jordan’s award-winning Green Clean toothbrush features a 100% recycled plastic, bio-based bristles and recycled packaging.

ACDOCO SA’s managing director, Jason Frichol, concludes, “Jordan is making meaningful steps utilising recycled materials, minimising resource use and giving materials a new life. An approach that is desperately needed in the oral care category – each progressive sustainable step counts. We hope that our peers, customers and consumers join us as we embark on our #DropTheBoxSA initiative launching in October 2019.”

ACDOCO SA is a specialist consumer packaged goods distributor centred on the health and beauty sector. We are a subsidiary of Astley Dye Chemical Co. Ltd, founded in the UK in 1919, and have been in Southern Africa for over 20 years.
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