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Scratching your head over finding the right anti-dandruff shampoo?White flakes on your shoulders? Dry, itchy, sensitive scalp? It must be time to reach for any anti-dandruff shampoo, right? 21 Jul 2021 Read More++
#BreatheEasierSA with RespiClear Decongestant range. Now in Dis-Chem stores nationwideSouth Africans are now able to breathe easier with the new RespiClear® Decongestant range from OBEL®. The range boasts steroid-free nebs, petroleum-free vapour rub and preservative-free drops for inhalation. All products are formulated with key essential oils, including eucalyptus and menthol, both with excellent anti-viral properties. 9 Jul 2021 Read More++
The toothpaste that keeps kids brushing and brushingIs brushing time with your kids a daily battle? Say no more, Jordan Kids Toothpaste to the rescue! The great-tasting toothpaste that kids absolutely love keeps them brushing for longer and more frequently. 6 Jul 2021 Read More++
Extend your salon visit and get nourished and strengthened hairUnsure when your next hair appointment will be? Plantur 39 Colour Brown makes it quick and easy to freshen up your natural hair colour at home and conceal the first signs of grey hair. 28 Jun 2021 Read More++
Anusol Ointment for internal and external pilesAnusol™ is the UK's number-one-selling piles treatment* providing multiple formats and categories to cover different therapeutic needs and consumer preferences. Anusol Ointment offers treatment for both internal and external piles (haemorrhoids). 6 May 2021 Read More++
Skyn Elite is No.1 on Amazon.comSkyn, the world's No. 1 non-latex condom brand, celebrates yet another milestone. Skyn Elite is now the best selling condom on with Skyn Original taking the No. 4 slot. 7 Apr 2021 Read More++
Dr. Beckmann Carpet Cleaner #LoveWhatWorksSATreat tough carpet stains fast with the first carpet stain remover with an unique brush applicator. Dr. Beckmann's Carpet Stain Remover's oxi-powered formulation is able to effectively eliminate stubborn stains such as red wine and coffee. 16 Mar 2021 Read More++
All-in-one shampoo for thicker, fuller and dandruff-free hairThinning, dandruff and de-energised hair are big concerns for men. One of the world's leading* male hair care brands, Alpecin®, has a unique formulated shampoo that addresses these concerns. Alpecin Double-Effect Caffeine Shampoo is a brilliant dual-solution that offers great value for money and time-saving convenience. 10 Mar 2021 Read More++
Freshen your smile with Jordan Stay Fresh Formulated ToothpasteOral care brand, Jordan, continues to innovate and trailblaze with its scientifically-developed and tested Stay Fresh™ adult toothpaste range. The Jordan Stay Fresh toothpaste is a combination of zinc, mint, fluoride and xylitol. Zinc and mint reduces bad breath and gives you 12 hours freshness, and fluoride and xylitol give extra protection against plaque and strengthens the teeth. 4 Mar 2021 Read More++
New eucalytptus and menthol formulation has excellent anti-viral propertiesSouth Africans are now able to breathe easier with the new RespiClear® Decongestant range from OBEL®. The range boasts steroid-free Nebs, petroleum-free Vapour Rub and preservative-free Drops for inhalation. All products are formulated with key essential oils including eucalyptus and menthol both with excellent anti-viral properties. 28 Jan 2021 Read More++
Jordan's Green Clean rated top sustainable toothbrushA major player in oral care, Jordan, recently topped the polls when its Green Clean toothbrush was lauded as top in sustainable toothbrushes. Jordan Green Clean, with its recycled plastic handle, renewable bio-based bristles and 100% recycled packaging, beat out all competitors including bamboo offerings. The test results make clear that users of Jordan's Green Clean can achieve sparkling pearly-whites with a sound green conscience. 16 Oct 2020 Read More++
Trust the no.1* product for vaginal drynessDryness, itching, burning or pain in the female genital area is a problem for nearly half of all women over the age of 45. Too many suffer in silence and many don't seek treatment. 2 Oct 2020 Read More++
Batiste Dry Shampoo sells 2.7 units per second globallyThere is always something great to share about Batiste, the world's No. 1 dry shampoo. This time new data has confirmed our hair hero Batiste sold 2.7 cans every second globally in 2019. With a variety of fruity and floral scents, colour tints and the Hair Benefits range targeting specific hair needs, who wouldn't want to keep their crown shining with Batiste! 18 Aug 2020 Read More++
SA to breathe easier with landmark OBEL Respiclear rangeLocal specialist brand-building distributor, Acdoco SA is soon to offer yet another pharmaceutical first in South Africa, this time an affordable, locally manufactured, nature-inspired highly-effective decongestant range. 12 May 2020 Read More++
Over R2m worth of LifeStyles Condoms donated to Dis-Chem FoundationThere are 71,000 AIDS-related deaths across South Africa each year. Dr Mpumi Zungu, Director of HIV/STI and TB at the Human Sciences Research Council, told Cape Talk earlier this year that condom use is declining among young South Africans, with just 39% of the population aged 15 and over, using condoms during sexual encounters. This has contributed to an estimated 504,803 learners being identified as having various sexual health-related barriers to learning and being referred for treatment. 29 Jan 2020 Read More++
#DropTheBoxSA with Jordan's toothpastesEvery year millions of trees and billions of litres of water are used to produce toothpaste boxes which serve little purpose and typically get thrown away immediately. According to Alan Wurman who started the petition on, toothpaste is used by two-thirds of the world's population on a daily basis and estimates that over 900,000,000 toothpaste boxes are discarded per year in the USA alone. 15 Oct 2019 Read More++
Batiste wins best dry shampoo Glamour Beauty AwardThe world's number-one dry shampoo has picked up yet another accolade, the Glamour Beauty Readers' Choice Award. More than 10,000 votes were received, and readers chose Batiste™ as the best dry shampoo. 3 Oct 2019 Read More++
5 SKYN experiences to ignite the sensesDid you know, our senses play a unique role in providing us with a clear picture of our surroundings? What we're seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting and hearing. SKYN® condoms have released a new variety pack, offering a choice of five different condom variants to heighten experiences. 30 Aug 2019 Read More++
Over 50,000 condoms donated at SA's biggest festivalsLifeStyles® condoms and Youth Against Aids (YAA), have donated and distributed a whopping 51,000 condoms at Arikaburn and Ultra South Africa as part of their many global youth-led initiatives to drive awareness campaigns and sex education in schools and youth platforms across the world. 29 Aug 2019 Read More++
Jordan launches leading sustainable toothbrushLeading specialist health and beauty distributor, ACDOCO SA has announced that it will be launching Jordan's award-winning Green Clean sustainable toothbrush range. 90% of the total product (including packaging) is made of recycled materials, minimizing resource use and giving materials a new life. 6 Aug 2019 Read More++
Acdoco introduces new Dr. Beckmann's Odourless, Active Gel Oven CleanerOvens can easily accumulate grime from products that don't do the job properly. In fact, if the wrong product is used to clean ovens, it can lead to unpleasant burning odours. As much as cleaning your oven is important, many products require you to hold your breath or cover your mouth - as you try to keep those toxic odorous fumes away. 1 Apr 2019 Read More++
Jordan makes brushing teeth fun for kidsIt's hard enough to get your children to bed without the added stress of the teeth brushing battle. Jordan is on a mission to engage with our little ones to help establish a good oral care routine right from the start. 4 Mar 2019 Read More++
LifeStyles Condoms to support Youth against Aids in southern AfricaLeading specialist consumer packaged goods distributor ACDOCO SA has announced that it will be donating R1.00 (one South African rand) for the next two years for every pack of LifeStyles Condoms sold in southern Africa to Youth against Aids (YAA). 12 Feb 2019 Read More++
The first carpet stain remover with a brush applicatorWhen wine spills on your cream-coloured carpet, you need to act fast. Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover - with an all-new brush attachment is a quick and effective solution to tackle the stains with ease and convenience. 5 Sep 2018 Read More++
ACDOCO relaunches Jordan Oral CareSpecialist consumer packaged goods brand-custodian and distributor, ACDOCO SA has announced that it is been appointed as the exclusive South African distributor for multi-award winning, global oral care brand, Jordan. 3 Sep 2018 Read More++
The more you smile - The whiter your teeth get!The toothpaste contains a natural formula that is activated by sunlight or artificial light making your smile, the only effort required to whiten your teeth. 31 Aug 2018 Read More++
SKYN condoms is on a mission to #SaveIntimacyAs we near 50 years since the birth of the sexual revolution, we're faced with an all too real reality: that we're having less sex now than we did a generation ago. That's right. For the first time since the Second World War, love-making rates are going down. 31 Aug 2018 Read More++
ACDOCO expands its natural feel SKYN range with a 20% thinner condomACDOCO South Africa, exclusive distributor for SKYN® condoms, the world's number one non-latex condom, has introduced a new offering to the range called SKYN® Elite. This new innovation offers an ultra-thin and soft intimate experience and is 20% thinner than the best-seller, SKYN® Original. 12 Jan 2018 Read More++
Batiste the #1 dry hair shampoo in the worldThe UK's number one dry hair shampoo recently undertook some research and based on global sales is happy to announce that it is the world's favourite solution to instant hair refresh. 19 Dec 2017 Read More++
ACDOCO enters root touch-up categorySpecialist consumer packaged goods brand-custodian distributor, ACDOCO South Africa ("ACDOCOSA"), has announced that it has secured the exclusive distribution rights for Kampalook Ltd's patented root concealer brand, Color Recover, in southern Africa. 23 Sep 2016 Read More++
ACDOCOSA donates R400,000 LifeStyles Condoms to Dis-Chem FoundationSpecialist consumer packaged goods brand-custodian distributor, ACDOCO South Africa ("ACDOCOSA") in partnership with the Dis-Chem Foundation has donated R400,000 worth of LifeStyles Condoms by Ansell, to different NGO's across South Africa. 12 Aug 2016 Read More++
ACDOCOSA wins international distributor awardLeading international consumer goods company, Church & Dwight, has bestowed ACDOCO South Africa ("ACDOCOSA") with the 2016 award for Consistent Growth and Successful Brand Relaunches. ACDOCOSA was one of only three countries out of a hundred that received an award at the ceremony held in Athens, Greece. 22 Jul 2016 Read More++
ACDOCOSA appointed exclusive distributor for Alpecin and PlanturSpecialist consumer packaged goods brand-custodian distributor, ACDOCO South Africa ("ACDOCOSA"), has been appointed as exclusive southern African distributor by Dr. Wolff, a German research-based consumer health company, for its Alpecin and Plantur haircare products. 6 Jul 2016 Read More++
ACDOCO SA appoints new financial headACDOCO South Africa (ACDOCOSA), Africa's first shopper-centric specialist Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand-custodian distributor, has appointed Seshnie Naidoo as Financial Head. Her role will also encompass Information Technology and Regulatory elements. 31 May 2016 Read More++
ACDOCOSA appoints Leanne Pillay as new operational headAfrica's first shopper-centric Health & Beauty Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand-custodian distributor, ACDOCO South Africa ("ACDOCOSA"), has appointed Leanne Pillay as Operations Head, spearheading the company's logistics, warehousing, IT, regulatory and infrastructure. This is in line with ACDOCOSA's acquisition and expansion plans. 12 Aug 2015 Read More++
Women prefer SKYN over other condoms98% would recommend SKYN® to their friends 1 Jun 2015 Read More++
Dry shampoo category drives growth in haircareBatiste Dry Shampoos continue to revolutionise haircare in South Africa, offering users the ultimate blend of convenience, affordability and healthy haircare 8 Apr 2015 Read More++
ACDOCOSA appoints Saul Rivkind as new National Customer HeadConsumer, trade and shopper cohesion is paramount in driving return for both brands and retailers in the challenged CPG sector 19 Feb 2015 Read More++
ACDOCOSA board welcomes UK retail expert Jeremy BirdRetail specialist joins leading shopper-centric distributor and brand custodian company to give the company a leading advantage in the growing African sector 5 Feb 2015 Read More++
ACDOCOSA reveals more SKYNExponential growth for new condom category 19 Jan 2015 Read More++
ACDOCOSA on acquisition trailAfrica's first shopper-centric brand-custodian distributor, ACDOCO South Africa (ACDOCOSA), is on the acquisition trail for local and sub-Saharan African FMCG distributors in line with its new operating strategy. 10 Dec 2014 Read More++
Shopper-centric ACDOCO 2.0ACDOCO South Africa (ACDOCOSA) has announced the completion of its repositioning and investment to become the first shopper-centric fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brand-custodian distributor on the African continent. 17 Oct 2014 Read More++
SKYN launches in South AfricaFirst global campaign for signature condom that changes everything. Leading condom brand, SKYN®, is rolling out its global campaign in South Africa this October. SKYN® Condoms have already been successfully test marketed, and encountered huge consumer satisfaction due to the revolutionary new material, Polyisoprene, which replaces the traditional latex first used nearly a century ago. 23 Oct 2013 Read More++
Contempo Condoms crowned Product of the Year 2013New-look Rough Rider ranked tops in Contraception Category.
Contempo Condoms was crowned king of contraceptives at the prestigious Product of the Year 2013 Awards, with its highly popular Rough Rider condom rising to the occasion as the number one choice when it comes to getting your groove on whilst putting you and your partner's safety first.
 5 Apr 2013 Read More++