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Ocean Basket cans wine-listing fees

It has been confirmed that Ocean Basket really is doing away with its wine-listing fees.
Ocean Basket cans wine-listing fees
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The news comes straight from Ocean Basket Head Office. "Social media has been buzzing recently about the practice of restaurants charging fees to wineries and distributors to list wines, and when you come right down to it, that practice doesn't benefit our partners in the wine industry, and it doesn't benefit our customers. So the decision to scrap our listing fee was a no-brainer," said Ocean Basket Company Leader Grace Harding.

While Ocean Basket's wines are already favourably priced, this move means it can maintain that value in the long run. By removing listing fees, it is able to focus on offering its customers the best wines at the best prices, without having to worry about how much a winemaker can afford to pay for listing fees.

Quality and value for money

And, of course, the customer is not the only one who benefits. Fantastic wines produced by smaller players are now on an equal footing with the larger players. It's no longer about how deep a wine producer's pockets may be, it's purely about quality and value for money - and that makes room for a greater diversity of players in the industry.

Scanning Ocean Basket's wine list, you'll already find a selection of wine from smaller wineries that may not be found at other restaurants, but according to Harding, the maverick seafood brand is now set to bring in more wines from smaller and family-owned wineries.

"We're exceptionally committed to bringing you outstanding quality and value - so keep your eyes peeled for some interesting wines making their appearances on our menus soon."

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