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Sir Fruit adds a little 'voema' to juice category

South African fruit juice producer, Sir Fruit has launched an energy-boosting 100% plant-based blended juice called Voema. This limited edition juice is positioned at offering a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks or sweet treats for individuals needing a pick-me-up.
Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

Voema is made up of a winter blend of grapefruit, orange, black carrot, ginger and guarana. In 250ml bottles it is available from select Engen, Checkers, and Vida stores, but for a limited time only.

David Baker, Sir Fruit CEO says they drew inspiration for the name of this revitalising fruit and vegetable juice from a popular South African slang term ‘voema’, meaning 'energy' and 'vigour'. “We have ensured that Voema, carefully crafted to cater for increasingly health-conscious consumers who are looking for a little extra 'pick-me-up', lives up to its name.”

Baker adds, “At Sir Fruit, we are passionate about pushing boundaries and are committed to providing refreshing alternatives that meet the needs of wellness-savvy people. Voema is just another example of how we continue to redefine the beverage landscape by offering options that align with the evolving demands of individuals who want to enjoy sustained energy and increased productivity throughout the day.

"In our market research, we identified a gap where consumers were seeking alternatives to traditional hot and cold beverages for a revitalising pick-me-up. With this insight, we took the lead and introduced Voema as a limited-edition offering."

To up the ante, Sir Fruit has also launched a Voema QR code competition where entrants can win their share of data, airtime, fuel and Takealot vouchers, every week until the end of August. To enter, purchase a bottle from one of the exclusive outlets and then go to

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