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#IABInsightSeries: Use of data in digital marketing

The IAB SA is hosting its 25th insight event on Zoom this week Thursday, 22 April, featuring host Tshegofatso Phetlhe, creative director at VMLY&R and speakers Jade Arenstein, head of Data Strategy & Analytics at Incubeta, Oliver von Wersch, director Europe at IAB Tech Lab, and Aisha Mohamed, data leader: Privacy, Risk Advisory Africa at Deloitte.
Oliver von Wersch, Aisha Mohamed and Jade Arenstein

In this third episode of the year, the speakers will unpack the ever-complex and valuable world of unlocking data for use in digital marketing in alignment with the key principles of transparency, trust, choice and control.

In her keynote address, Arenstein will be speaking on a data-first approach in a privacy-first future. von Wersch will seek to answer the question, ‘What will the privacy-first ad ecosystem look like?’ Looking at things we know, and things we don't know, yet. Whereas Mohamed will explore how to make compliance a reality inside the organisation, beyond just a legal framework. All these key insights are shared ahead of the IAB SA Practical Guide to Data Protection for the digital advertising industry in South Africa, which will be available for IAB SA members to download from the IAB SA member portal end April, to support you in your ongoing journey to be compliant with the upcoming laws.

Here, the speakers share some of their talking points and the key insights they plan to elaborate on at the event this week…

Bizcommunity What is the key theme or message of your talk?

Arenstein: Utilising data strategically in your digital marketing campaigns.

Von Wersch: The digital advertising ecosystem is in a fundamental process of change towards a privacy-first ecosystem. This requires action for all participants, and a big effort in collaborating on future market standards.

Mohamed: The central theme for the IAB Insights data privacy webinar aims to shed light on the areas of data privacy legal framework that must be considered to enable compliance and the importance for marketing driven by data. Data privacy is a strategic imperative for the CMO.

Bizcommunity Talk us through some of the key insights that determined which changes, updates, constants will be happening in the digital advertising industry in 2021?

  1. Planning for third-party cookies to fall away: move towards collecting and using your own first-party data for improved targeting across campaigns.

  2. Privacy-first approach: putting users' privacy first and ensuring you are explicit about which data you're collecting and why, and not collecting data if your users are uncomfortable.

Von Wersch:
  1. Third-party cookies will be going away in 2022.

  2. Market standards for future targeting, measurement and performance of digital advertising campaigns have to be developed.

  3. This can't be achieved by a sole platform (e.g. Google), but can only be achieved together.

  1. Key insights in the digital marketing industry 2021.

  2. User experience: Designing digital experiences and customer journeys from the user’s perspective and for the user’s benefit is becoming a central ranking factor for search algorithms.

  3. Data ethics: Protecting privacy and data becomes more important as more and more people do digital.

  4. Apps usages has surged since last year in areas like online learning, delivery and shopping.

  5. Measurement is more important than ever for strong performance marketing. Successful online measurement has been heavily reliant on cookies.

Bizcommunity What one main call to action would you advise your fellow industry colleagues at this time to help companies who are looking to beat the benchmark in digital advertising and create great work (teams, processes, etc.) that exceeds business goals?

Arenstein: Integrate your data and marketing teams. Data is the foundation of any good digital marketing strategy and you need to ensure you have the best of it to truly exceed.

Von Wersch: The digital advertising ecosystem of the future requires market standards for addressability and accountability. IAB Tech Lab provides ideas and approaches for that, but a joint industry collaboration is required to fulfil this in different parts of the value chain, in different regions and platforms.

Mohamed: Areas to focus on to help achieve digital marketing and data privacy goals:
  • Improve the quality of customer data and user experiences.

  • With the rise of data privacy, in a world without third-party cookies, traditional measurements need to evolve. Consider robust tagging and analytics, uphold users’ choices by collecting the right consents and protecting them, and invest in first-party data. A solid foundation will enable you to measure more with less data.

  • People expect brands to safeguard their data and be clear about how they are using it and what they are offering in return.

BizcommunityShare one key learning from 2020 that you have personally or professionally taken on board, that you believe will assist others to navigate the future of work as we (are getting to) know it.

Arenstein: Change is really the only constant. We have proven our ability to adapt and grow and we need to harness this for all areas of our lives and careers in order to stay on top.

Von Wersch: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Mohamed: One thing 2020 has taught me is that human beings are adaptable and can evolve quickly to survive. The future of work and life means being flexible and constantly learning to stay ahead of the curve.

In tough times it’s imperative to collaborate, build trust and make a meaningful impact, to focus not only on what I do, but why I do it.

The IAB SA has taken its Insight Series, in partnership with Gumtree, Everlytic and Bizcommunity, online to provide 60 minutes of insights, featuring fellow and future industry leaders, on subjects selected by IAB members and the industry at large to make better digital decisions. The 2021 IAB Insight Series is also approved for 2 CPD points at CMSA-level under marketing, by the Marketing Association of South Africa. To register for Thursday's event sponsored by Incubeta, click here, and/or to register for the next webinar is on 20 May, click here. If you're unable to attend, note that post-event presentation videos are uploaded to the IAB member portal to access ongoing.



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