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Arc Interactive - the agency behind CellCgirl

Arc Interactive has teamed up with mobile company Cell C to develop an exciting new project called CellCgirl - a platform aimed at young South African women aged 14-24 which provides them with the tips, guidance and resources they need in order to navigate through school, tertiary education and the working world.
Arc Interactive - the agency behind CellCgirl

Digital marketing agency, Arc Interactive, provided its expertise in creating CellCgirl - an exciting digital platform which was launched on 4 September 2018. CellCgirl was developed to extend the reach and legacy of Cell C Take A Girl Child To Work Day® by creating a useful, accessible platform which girls can make use of for #MoreThanADay.

Statistics show that girls living in South Africa today still face myriad challenges - mainly family commitments, pregnancy and financial limitations - throughout their educational journey. Unfortunately, these challenges often lead to poor academic performance and, at times, “dropping-out”, which subsequently puts young women at greater risk of unemployment and a life below the poverty line.

The long-term aim of CellCgirl is to ensure that these girls can successfully enter and integrate into the country’s labour force, thereby empowering South African women and boosting the country’s economy as a whole. However, the key to making a substantial impact lies in assisting girls while they are still in school to overcome the obstacles in their way. Hence, CellCgirl was developed as a platform which provides practical advice and sought-after educational resources, as well as sincere motivation to encourage readers through their academic and, eventually, working lives.

Arc Interactive’s insight was a central part in creating the CellCgirl platform. The agency’s team developed CellCgirl’s:

  • Brand strategy
  • Content and marketing strategy
  • Content development for the website as well as the CellCgirl Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages
  • Web design and development
  • Brand design guideline

Developing these strategies for CellCgirl involved conducting a great deal of research into the site’s key audience as well as tapping into the Arc Interactive team’s awareness of, and insight into, social issues.

The art of developing CellCgirl’s tone, messaging and persona required a creative, innovative and mindful approach by the dedicated team in order to effectively engage the audience. On the other hand, extensive market research was required in order to ensure that users get as much value as possible out of the platform.

The key features of the CellCgirl site include:

  • Informative weekly articles about study, life and inspiration which are written by Arc Interactive’s passionate team of writers.
  • A career interest test aimed at assisting users in choosing their school subjects and future careers.
  • An easy-to-use CV creator which produces a sleek, professional CV document which can be edited, saved and downloaded.
  • A locator tool that allows girls to find a library, school, college or university near them.
  • Ask CellCgirl- a private messaging system where girls can ask mentors on the CellCgirl team for advice and assistance on anything relating to school, work and life.
  • A downloads section containing helpful and regularly updated study guides, application forms, templates and so much more.
  • A regularly updated opportunities section which lists available internships and bursaries and simplifies their application process.

Arc Interactive also collaborated with HIVSA, a non-governmental organisation, on the CellCgirl project. The agency has been working with HIVSA for a number of years to develop Choma Magazine - an online magazine which focuses on HIV prevention and continues to be a helpful resource for many South African girls who need life advice, health tips and sex education.

An incredible level of dedication, hard work and insight has gone into growing CellCgirl from an idea into a sleek, modern site with its own rapidly growing social presence. Since its recent launch, CellCgirl has already begun fulfilling the aim of reaching, assisting and empowering thousands of girls and young women across South Africa.

For more information on the CellCgirl initiative you can view the video below or if you would like to know more about Arc Interactive you can visit

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