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Scopen releases results of second Sustainability Report in Latin America

Scopen has presented the main results of the Sustainability Report in Latam at the Latin American Creative Economy Summit +CTG. This report, focusing on developing markets, highlights insights likely reflective of South Africa's future viewpoints.

This is the second edition carried out by the consultancy, as a joint initiative with the UCEP (Colombian Union of Advertising Companies), in order to analyse the role of companies operating in the marketing and communication sectors in Latin America, in compliance with sustainable development goals.


The report was developed during the months of August and September 2022, and involved the participation of 100 professionals from advertising companies from eight countries in the Latin American market, of which Brazil had the highest representation.

The average age of those professionals interviewed is 42 years. Most of them are marketing directors (20%), multinational companies (56%) and, above all, belong to the FMCG sector (32%).

When interviewees are asked about the words most associated with sustainability, environment stands out first, followed by responsibility (in 2021, this order was reversed). In addition, we see an increase in mentions of circular economy (in third position) followed by future and recycling (a new mention this edition).

Among the Sustainability Goals (SDG) which the interviewees consider that companies are more involved with, the following stand out globally (with some differences depending on the country analyzed): SDG-08 Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG-05 Gender Equality and SDG-03 Partnerships to Achieve Goals.

On the other hand, when they talk about the actions that they are carrying out today to meet these Goals, the most mentioned, also globally, are those that promote diversity/equality/inclusion, followed by communication campaigns and those aimed at reducing environmental impact.

Responsible consumption

Looking to the future, however, they claim to work more towards others such as SDG- 02 Zero Hunger, SDG-015 Life of Terrestrial Ecosystems, SDG-01 End of Poverty and SDG-13 Climate Action.

The most active sectors in the fulfillment of the five SDGs that were most mentioned in 2021 are food, followed by culture and media and associations and NGOs.

In 2022, the importance that the interviewees give to SDG-12 which guarantees responsible production and consumption modalities (especially related to the industry analysed), stands at an average of 7.9 points out of 10 (in 2021 it was 8.5 points).

Regarding ways in which industry agents declare they can help to comply with the SDGs, creating communication and awareness campaigns that value sustainability and then promotion of sustainability education both stand out (as they did in 2021).

During the interviews, professionals were also asked about those brands/companies in the region that, in their opinion, stand out with their commitment to the SDGs. The most mentioned, as in the previous edition, are recognized with the new Sustainability Awards that were delivered at the Latin American Creative Economy Summit +CTG.

According to César Vacchiano, president and CEO of Scopen, “This second edition delves deeper into analysing the involvement of companies in the region in achieving sustainable development goals and how the agents that collaborate with them can, through communication campaigns, put value on sustainability and create awareness campaigns”.

“As was our initial intention, the recurrence of this report allows us to observe the evolution of the industry´s commitment to sustainability. At UCEP we are delighted to be able to help companies build better brands concerned about generating value for society and the planet, which will undoubtedly lead to a better perception of these by their consumers and users and to greater confidence and security for its stakeholders”, says Ximena Tapias, P+president of UCEP.

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