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AMF, ACA join forces

The Advertising Media Forum (AMF) and the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA) last week announced they will be testing out the incorporation of the two bodies for a year to see whether or not the link is mutually beneficial. Says Paul Middleton of the ACA and AMF, “The time has come to pull together for a more positive, less turbulent environment.”

The incorporation of the AMF and the ACA is an important step to strengthening the links between the various industry bodies and a way to accommodate the industry talking with one voice. It is a sign of the times that there is a need for transformation and regulation, as these factors impact and threaten the survival of the industry if they are not properly addressed.

Historically there were creative, full service agencies but these have since seen the trend of splitting creatives and media independents. This fragmentation into separate areas has led to a split to form creative agencies on one side and media agencies on the other and one of the pitfalls of this is that multiple representative bodies have been formed. This has lead to the formation of several representative bodies which are essentially all doing the same thing, with the same objective.

Build bridges

The objectives of the AMF are to build bridges within the industry and this plays a pivotal role in steering the industry towards the future. The AMF endeavours to encourage professional practices and support transparent policies, strategies and transactions within the industry, as well as develop new talent. The AMF has also assembled a media directors' circle who meet regularly to discuss changes in the industry landscape, forecasting trends, monitoring activity and making key decisions that will guide and profit the industry.

Members of the AMF can now pay a nominal fee to become a member of the ACA and enjoy the benefits of an industry body that speaks with one voice and yields a difference. Paid up AMF members are now afforded the following membership fees when joining the ACA:

  • Agencies with under twenty five staff members pay R5000 + VAT per annum
  • Agencies with a staff of 25 – 60 pay R10 000 + VAT
  • Agencies with a staff of over 51 pay a fee of R15 000 per annum.

In terms of adding value to its members, the ACA has set up a portfolio of guidelines that offer the industry a clear idea of the protocol to follow during the pitching process, as well as salary surveys, contracts with staff and clients, training and development and remuneration guidelines.

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