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Packaging ad company Pi Advertising sees 2,500% growth in impressions in first 4 months of operation

Pi Advertising, a packaging advertising platform, has seen remarkable growth of 2,500% in the four months since it first launched its platform, as measured by the amount of ad-supported packaging it distributes every month across South Africa.

The company, which distributes free, advertising-supported pizza boxes and other packaging, launched in November 2018 with two advertising clients, 50 restaurant partners, and a commitment of 10,000 pizza boxes to be distributed in the Western Cape. In the four months since it launched its packaging ad platform, its network has grown to over 300 restaurants across the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. It now distributes over 250,000 pizza boxes every month, and continues to see rapidly growing demand for packaging as an advertising channel for brands.

Founder and Managing Director, Dreyer Hoffman, said, “The rapid growth we’ve seen is testament to the value of advertising that has a physical presence in people’s lives and is present in very close proximity to them and the people they share their lives with. Pizza boxes are an ideal vehicle for advertising – they’re large format, often shared, and spend time in the home. The best part is the psychological benefit of the positive associations created by the pizza itself.”

Pi Advertising is conscious of the environmental impact of packaging and therefore, as part of its mission, only supplies high quality, 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. This helps the restaurants it supplies become greener, while also reducing their costs and administrative burden, as restaurants receive packaging free of charge.

Pi Advertising hopes to expand in 2019 to reach all nine provinces in South Africa, and provide both more packaging options and more advanced demographic targeting for advertisers.

About Pi Advertising:

Pi Advertising was founded by Dreyer Hoffman, a Cape Town-based entrepreneur with extensive experience in both print and digital advertising, as well as in sales and marketing. The company is based on the belief that packaging as a medium is present, tactile, and attention-grabbing and offers both a more impactful and more cost-effective way of reaching potential customers than traditional print, billboard, and broadcast media. Pi Advertising’s platform reaches approximately one million South Africans nationally, and it continues to grow both the range of packaging it supplies and its restaurant and vendor network.

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