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Elections 2024

Michael Beaumont says Election Polls are a joke and there is more to come from Action SA

Michael Beaumont says Election Polls are a joke and there is more to come from Action SA

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    Corporate content should be part of your DNA

    Business decisions are often made on the basis of brand image or brand story. In the B2B space, corporate content is a means of reinforcing company culture, ensuring that intrinsic brand values reflect extrinsic perceptions. Stories about company mission, vision and values, authenticity, heritage and diversity can make companies more approachable and relevant to prospects, stakeholders and talent.
    Corporate content should be part of your DNA

    On the cusp of exciting and fruitful pan-African networking and trade, the time to make use of an unbiased B2B media showcase for all Africa’s dynamic, entrepreneurial business communities is now.

    Bizcommunity’s unique platforms are dedicated to the interests of corporate content publishing and promotion in Africa, enabling valuable brand stories to really stand out from the crowd as front-page news or promoted content.

    Our mission is to ensure corporate content is as much a part of a company’s DNA as a logo, business card or sign on the door.

    Your corporate news reaches business communities in: Marketing & Media, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, CSI & Sustainability, Education, Energy & Mining, Finance, Healthcare, HR, ICT, Legal, Lifestyle, Logistics & Transport, Manufacturing, Property, Retail, Tourism and Africa.

    How to create unique and valuable corporate content:

    According to Make it Happen, an independent marketing agency in Sydney Australia, one of the ways of crafting stories that reflect the core of a business and what it stands for, is by answering these questions about your company or brand:

    • Purpose: Why does our brand exist?

    • Personality: What traits and characteristics define our brand?

    • Quest: What is our brand’s vision and mission?

    • Values: What values, ethics and behaviours does our brand possess?

    • Uniqueness: What are the unique qualities that set our brand apart?

    • Heritage: What is the history of our brand and how has it evolved?

    • Future: Where do we want our brand to be in the years to come?

    Here are some more:

    • Do we need a consistent brand tone - light, warm, funny, authoritative, educational, proudly African, enabling, cost-effective etc etc that might help us position ourselves via our content?
    • Who do we want to talk to?
    • What is this group currently interested in, what’s hip, trending and happening in their world?
    • What solutions or successes can we share in our sector?
    • How do we establish ourselves as thought-leaders in our sector? Solution-based content such as white papers and case studies, cutting-edge research in products, new findings or ideas are all eminently publishable
    • How do we tell our audience our USP - what sets us apart from the competition or category?
    • Do we regularly share our thought-leadership via social-media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Bizcommunity?
    • How can we be as succinct as possible? Copy editing, compelling images and intriguing headlines can all make a difference.

    Find out how to turn prospects into customers, clients and brand ambassadors by publishing brand stories on Bizcommunity, the only B2B platform dedicated to publishing your corporate content as front-page news in Africa.

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