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National Assembly to review Employment Equity Amendment Bill

On 20 July 2020, the Department of Employment and Labour gazetted the Employment Equity Amendment Bill (EEAB). The EEAB will shortly be formally introduced in the National Assembly. It is still subject to change...

By Dhevarsha Ramjettan, Shane Johnson and Mbali Nkosi 30 Jul 2020

Commission releases annual report on BBBEE trends

The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Commission has released its annual report on the national status and trends on B-BBEE...

29 Jul 2020

Live true: My transgender life in adland

Transitioning does not change your capabilities. If you are creative, you will still be creative. If you loved chocolate, you still will. If anything, transitioning makes you learn that self-love and self-respect does exist and is crucial to our day-to-day functioning...

By Sienna Lee, Issued by The Brave Group 24 Jun 2020

Corporate SA - Black Lives Matter beyond PR statements

It is without doubt that the inclusion and representation of Black people in corporate South Africa continues to be an urgent matter that needs to be addressed...

By Khanyisa Nomoyi 22 Jun 2020

#YouthMonth: Lusimadio Simao talks HR & Recruitment

This Youth Month, together with Pride Factor, young and confident 'thought leaders' share what they think the business community can do better to address the needs of the youth...

3 Jun 2020

B-BBEE Commission welcomes court decision on fronting

The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Commission has welcomed a court decision to dismiss an application that would see it not performing its functions...

24 Mar 2020

Clarifying misunderstood aspects of Yes initiative

Several interpretation uncertainties have been addressed in a statement issued by the Department of Trade and Industry (dti)...

28 Feb 2020

#FairnessFirst: How to end office ageism with a perennial mindset

You need to upskill yourself to stay relevant in the age of experience. Here's why a 'Perennial mindset' is said to be the office sweet spot against age discrimination, which affects those at the start and end of their careers alike...

By Leigh Andrews 24 Feb 2020

Employment Equity Amendment Bill to bring about real transformation

As the Employment Equity Amendment Bill makes its way to Parliament for deliberation, the Department of Employment and Labour has set the ball in motion for the introduction of sector-specific Employment Equity numerical targets...

20 Feb 2020

Cabinet approves Public Procurement Bill for comment

Cabinet has approved the publication of the Public Procurement Bill for public comment - setting in motion legislation for procurement strategies that support government's socio-economic objectives...

18 Feb 2020

Enough of 'OK, Boomer'

Ageism is a real problem in the South African job market. Even if a job seeker has an impressive CV and experience that stretches back many years, they might not secure the position they apply for because of their age...

13 Feb 2020

Occupational gender bias and stereotypes prevalent online

A Rutgers study has found that gender bias and stereotypes corresponding to certain occupations are prevalent on digital and social media platforms...

10 Feb 2020

New study ties board diversity with improved innovation, efficiency

A new study from the UBC Sauder School of Business has found that companies that appoint more women to their boards are able to fuel groundbreaking innovation, improve efficiency, spur growth, increase competitiveness and reduce risk...

10 Feb 2020

#FairnessFirst: Right the Ratio of global C-Suite creative diversity

Last week saw The One Club for Creativity's first-ever Right The Ratio Summit, aimed at advancing workplace equality and fostering a more gender-balanced environment...

By Leigh Andrews 27 Jan 2020

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