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3 tips to keep your company culture flourishing while working remotely

How has your internal communication and workplace culture changed during lockdown? Do you think it has changed or has it remained the same? What systems do you have in place to gauge and keep track of your team's morale, engagement and culture...?

3 days ago

5 tips for working while on holiday

Shaun Lamont, managing director of First Group Hotels and Resorts, says Covid-19 has given us the gift of being able to work remotely, thus making room for much-needed flexibility, especially over December. Here are a few things to consider when booking your working holiday...

23 Nov 2020

GBV in the workplace: Where to from here?

In September 2019, the #SandtonShutdown protest took place in an effort to highlight the crucial role of businesses in tackling gender-based violence. One of the placards during the protest read, "Make my safety your business". The message was clear. Businesses were urged to make gender-based violence one of their strategic issues and actively address it in the workplace...

By Nadine Mather and Pascale Towers 23 Nov 2020

Over R100m in Covid-19-related Group Risk claims paid out by Discovery

In a claim experience analysis, Discovery Group Risk has reported claim pay-outs to the value of R1.48 billion in the year to June 2020, including at least R100m directly due to Covid-19...

Issued by Discovery Invest 19 Nov 2020

Why the human element of digital transformation should be prioritised

For companies to truly participate in the digital economy, they need to first and foremost change the way they manage their most valuable assets, their employees...

By Dumisani Moyo 13 Nov 2020

6 tips to creating a happy workforce who deliver exceptional customer service

The last few weeks of any year are always characterised by exhausted teams who are looking forward to a holiday. This year we've been under more personal, professional and financial pressure than ever before, and teams across the country are taking strain. The challenge is that if businesses don't focus on employees now more than ever, their staff won't deliver a great customer experience...

By Ian Fuhr 12 Nov 2020

Virtual open session: From postalgia to purpose - How to motivate your team and turn trends into purposeful strategic direction in a world in flux

Flux Trends has teamed up with The Enrichment Project to put together an open session on 25 November 2020 for businesses, teams, entrepreneurs and leaders to help you overcome the inertia of postalgia in your organisation and your own life as a leader and look to the future with purpose. Special discount for Bizcommunity readers...

Issued by Flux Trends 29 Oct 2020

Bizcommunity and NSP Consultants congratulate BizListing winners!

Congratulations to the SME companies who have won full-page BizListing entries in Bizcommunity's business directory...

Issued by 26 Oct 2020

How HR is breaking down silos and boosting performance with advanced, local UC technology

As the recent (and dramatic) shift to remote working illustrated, technology tools - and particularly unified communication (UC) platforms - can support and complement the role of HR leaders in new and unexpected ways...

23 Oct 2020

Tips to managing the biggest workplace experiment in history

Around the world, there has always been a sense of stability when it came to the workplace, but with the arrival and dangers associated with the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa, business, as usual, was no longer an option...

By Devashnie Singh 21 Oct 2020

5 ways to relieve fatigue in remote teams

While the pandemic paved way for even the most staunch opponents of remote work to change their perspective, fatigue is starting to set in for some of the teams, especially for those who have been isolated for the best part of the year now...

By Andrew Bourne 20 Oct 2020

Employees are the centre of future workplace strategy - 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report

Dimension Data has released NTT's Intelligent Workplace report, which unveils how workplace strategy will be shaped by employee well-being priorities...

19 Oct 2020

How labour law treats racism in the workplace

Racism remains a controversial and sensitive topic in South Africa and such behaviour should not be tolerated in any working environment...

Issued by Abrahams & Gross 9 Oct 2020

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