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What is shaping culture? Eco South Africa

Brett Rogers explores the edges of culture and how things are changing, providing valuable insights for brands wanting to understand who and what is shaping culture...

By Brett Rogers 6 Jul 2020

Successful Joburg recycling pilot programme set to expand

Kickstarted in Auckland Park and Brixton, data from a Joburg-based recycling pilot programme has shown increases in the city's recycling rates, the number of households actively recycling...

24 Jun 2020

CSIR finds reusable plastic carrier bags best - provided consumers reuse them

The recently released results from a life cycle sustainability assessment (LCSA) of grocery carrier bags in South Africa shows that reusable plastic carrier bags are the best option...

19 Jun 2020

3 ways blockchain could get the world to act against the climate crisis

The world has failed to halt global warming. Four years after the signing of the Paris Agreement, most experts predict global warming will exceed the agreed thresholds...

By Bernhard Reinsberg 12 Jun 2020

Africa, waste and the butterfly effect

In light of the 57th Africa Day last month, we are prompted to reflect on the havoc that Covid-19 is wreaking not only across the continent, but across the world...

By Adwoa Coleman 4 Jun 2020

Woolies winter wear incorporates textiles made from recycled PET bottles

Woolworths has diverted over a million 500ml PET bottles from waste streams and recycled them into polyester materials to be used in some of the retailer's 2020 winter fashion ranges...

3 Jun 2020

SA's Use-It wins in inaugural HSBC Future Skills Innovation Challenge

The 12 winners of the inaugural HSBC Future Skills Innovation Challenge include South Africa's Use-It, an organisation that teaches young people how to manufacture innovative products out of waste...

29 May 2020

Are we heading back towards single-use plastic because of coronavirus?

The battle against plastic pollution has rapidly gained momentum in recent years.

By Holly Turner and Louise Wihlborn 15 May 2020

#LockdownLessons: Mielie Mailer uses nature to help save the world

Trent Pike, founder of Mielie Mailer, believes that after the nationwide lockdown, more courier companies should consider looking at sustainable alternatives...

By Evan-Lee Courie 24 Apr 2020

Every day is #EarthDay at Sappi

Today, Sappi joined the world in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and in honouring the theme of climate action...

Issued by Sappi 22 Apr 2020

10 ways to stay connected on Biz during lockdown

Self-isolation, lockdowns, working remotely and physical distancing can get you down. Bizcommunity is the daily 'virtual commute' that brings you closer to 19 industry communities...

Issued by 15 Apr 2020

Green Outcomes Fund launched to grow green SMMEs

The Green Outcomes Fund (GOF) is a first of its kind structure, which incentivises local South African fund managers to increase investment in green SMMEs...

7 Apr 2020

Being water-smart must become the new normal for business

It requires seeing and doing things differently to reduce, reuse and "create water"...

By Ettienne Thiebaut 20 Mar 2020

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