Agriculture Trends 2020

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Company news
On its 100th birthday, Jungle Oats opens R208m mill in Cape Town

Jungle Oats celebrates its 100th birthday this year, and the iconic brand has just revealed a new mill in Cape Town and a refreshed communication strategy...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 3 days ago

Key insights into the global oil crop market

According to a report published by IndexBox, the global oil crops market revenue amounted to $394.4bn in 2018, picking up by 7.6% against the previous year...

24 Feb 2020

Parmalat SA is now Lactalis South Africa

Lactalis South Africa is the new name for dairy company Parmalat SA...

21 Feb 2020

Groundnut import tariffs: A perilous junction

Owing to various factors, including drought, high-yielding competitive crops and the absence of pricing mechanisms, the local groundnut industry finds itself at a perilous junction. This is a disheartening situation for those who continue to believe in this commodity and those who make a living in the various branches of this industry.

21 Feb 2020

Avocados in Kenya: What's holding back smallholder farmers

Smallholder avocado farmers in Kenya face several barriers to participating in export markets...

By Mulubrhan Amare 19 Feb 2020

Ban on livestock auctions has been lifted

The Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza, has announced that the blanket ban on animal gatherings, including livestock auctions, has now been lifted.

18 Feb 2020

Adidas and Ikea lead 2020 sustainable cotton ranking

Adidas has surged ahead to become a global leader in sourcing sustainable cotton...

13 Feb 2020

Why increased poultry tariffs will do SA's economy more harm than good

The Association of Meat Importers and Exporters has welcomed reports that the government has finalised tariffs to be imposed on poultry product imports. However, the association cautions that an increase in trade protection will lead to job losses and increased chicken prices...

12 Feb 2020

Africa's youth want to cultivate careers, not just crops

"We need to ensure that Africa's future farmers not only grow crops but careers as well," argues Sylvia Ng'eno...

By Sylvia Ng'eno 10 Feb 2020

Limpopo foot and mouth disease under control

"To date, 130 properties have been investigated and precautionary quarantine notices lifted on 87 properties."

6 Feb 2020

Using technology to plug wastage in Africa's agri value chain

"Technology is a critical enabler to solve many of the challenges experienced in the agriculture sector."

6 Feb 2020

Blueberry market overview: Competition remains fierce

In recent years, the high prices recorded and the growing consumption of blueberries have led to increases in the volume produced and in the number of growing countries...

4 Feb 2020

The Joekels journey: 25 years in tea

In 25 years, South African tea company Joekels has developed from a small business housed in a garage into a category leader with seven different tea brands...

3 Feb 2020

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