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Surviving climate change means transforming both economics and design

What could be more important than sustaining habitable living conditions on Earth?

By Joanna Boehnert 3 days ago

Bleaching has struck the southernmost coral reef in the world

Last month corals in Lord Howe Island Marine Park began showing signs of bleaching...

By Tess Moriarty et al. 8 Apr 2019

The case for coal as the most secure energy fuel for emerging market economies

So much of the world's growth over the past 200 years has been due to the discovery and ever-increasing use of affordable energy derived from fossil fuels led by coal, followed by oil, and natural gas...

By Alan M Clegg 5 Apr 2019

Cyclone Idai shows why long-term disaster resilience is so crucial

Cyclone Idai struck Beira, the fourth largest city in Mozambique, in mid-March with torrential rains and winds of more than 190 km per hour...

By Channing Arndt and Claudia Ringler 5 Apr 2019

Three ways cities can help feed the world, without costing the Earth

Climate change is underway, and human activities such as urbanisation, industrialisation and food production are key contributors...

By Silvio Caputo 4 Apr 2019

What Cape Town's drought can teach other cities about climate adaptation

Extreme weather events, such as Cyclone Idai that has recently devastated Beira, Mozambique, and Hurricane Harvey that hit Houston, USA, in 2017 are the types of climate extremes that cities increasingly have to prepare for...

By Gina Ziervogel 4 Apr 2019

Adding climate change to curriculum is a top priority for global business schools, faculty survey finds

Academics say that businesses and business schools must respond to climate change, since government action is not enough...

Issued by UCT Graduate School of Business 3 Apr 2019

#CycloneIdai: Cholera prevention and other relief efforts underway

Around 900,000 doses of cholera vaccine have been unloaded in Mozambique to help stave off a possible epidemic, in the wake of the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai.

3 Apr 2019

Second Regional Learning Forum on Climate Finance under way in Botswana

The second Regional Learning Forum on Climate Finance currently under way in Maun, Botswana is hosting sessions on accreditation, country programming, gender and Southern Africa's regional climate finance opportunities...

3 Apr 2019

Revised Carbon Tax Bill introduced to Parliament

Last week the minister of finance introduced the revised Carbon Tax Bill (Bill) to Parliament, which aims to give effect to South Africa's objectives and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...

By Gillian Niven & Nirvasha Singh 2 Apr 2019

Winning with sustainability in retail

While there's pessimism in the air with regards to global product sales, every day there are also groundbreaking changes being implemented by brands and activists who genuinely want to be the change when it comes to sustainability...

By Vanessa Hilton-Barber 2 Apr 2019

Mondelez to add Cocoa Life / 'Helping Farmers to Grow' symbol on chocolate products

Global snack company Mondelez International, Inc. has announced plans of adding the message 'Helping Farmers to Grow' on its chocolate products, in considering environmental, social and ethical factors when choosing where to source key ingredients...

2 Apr 2019

Feeding farm animals seaweed could help fight antibiotic resistance and climate change

Feeding pigs seaweed could make them, us and the planet healthier without contributing to antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

By Lauren Ford and Pamela Judith Walsh 1 Apr 2019

Tunis to host 2019 Africa Blue Economy Forum

Capital city of Tunisia, Tunis, will host the second Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF) set for 25-26 June this year...

1 Apr 2019

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