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Debunking three common cloud-based enterprise software myths

Enterprise software will increasingly reside in the cloud. In some rare situations, on-premise instances of enterprise software will be desirable...

By Raymond Jones 3 days ago

Poor security practices in the cloud

So far this year, there have been five documented cases of organisations exposing their private data due to misconfigured S3 buckets or cloud databases...

By Lori MacVittie 12 Apr 2019

Deploy a private cloud to minimise losses

The past month has focused the spotlight sharply on the necessity to deal with the real possibility of having a loss of access to one's data...

By Simon Hwang 12 Apr 2019

Data security critical for cloud-based solutions

Traditionally, data used to be a physical asset that required on-site protection. However, in the digital age, data can be located anywhere in the world...

By Stephen Garbett 9 Apr 2019

It's time for women to consider a career in tech

Before the introduction of the South African Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, women had no formal recognition as equal citizens...

By Leonie Stanley 5 Apr 2019

What 4IR means in the Namibian context

The world is on the verge of a major revolution; while developed countries are keeping pace with major technological advancements...

By Llewellyn le Hané 5 Apr 2019

Practical cloud considerations: security and the decryption conundrum

Most of today's apps are delivered via secure HTTP. That means TLS or the increasingly frowned upon SSL...

By Lori MacVittie 2 Apr 2019

Quantum, AI turns computing into a 'loaded gun'

Quantum computing and AI and machine learning are dramatically changing the face of computing...

1 Apr 2019

Why use the cloud within the accounting space?

As we embrace the challenges of the new financial year, accountants who have been wanting to try new ways of working...

1 Apr 2019

Achieving business agility by planning for the worst

Business agility has become a critical enabler in today's digital environment...

By Kate Mollett 28 Mar 2019

How cloud can be used to meet the changing demand in digital travel

The travel industry is transforming with emerging technologies, new business models and changing consumer expectations...

By Mike Croucher 19 Mar 2019

#WinTechAfrica: Blending diversity and professionalism

Day 1 of the first Women in Tech Africa Conference started with a resounding message: diversity is key, but women must not wait to be recognised...

19 Mar 2019

Part 2: Will the so-called fourth industrial revolution propel SA forwards?

Just what is the fourth industrial revolution? No really, what is it all about beyond the hype and jargon?

By Garth Williams 14 Mar 2019

How to optimise your cloud usage

For the longest time, businesses have been involved in discussions around the benefits of shifting their data and applications to the cloud...

By Elaine Wang 13 Mar 2019

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