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NRCS widens recall of canned pilchards

The NRCS has ordered all formal wholesalers, retailers and informal traders to remove and stop selling 400g pilchards in tomato sauce and 400g pilchards in chili sauce with immediate effect...

3 days ago

Over R2m worth of LifeStyles Condoms donated to Dis-Chem Foundation

LifeStyles Healthcare, a global leader in the sexual wellness sector, has donated more than R2m worth of LifeStyles Condoms to the Dis-Chem foundation who in turn will be distributing the condoms to various NGO's across South Africa...

Issued by ACDOCO SA 29 Jan 2020

Connecting with customers on the ground is not dead

There could be light at the end of the tunnel for big brands trying to reconnect with their customers on the ground...

27 Jan 2020

NOSA Group acquires QPRO and SAIGAS

NOSA Group has closed a transaction to acquire QPRO and SAIGAS, the Assurance South African businesses of SAI Global, a provider of integrated risk management solutions and assurance services...

16 Jan 2020

#BestofBiz 2019: Retail

Discover the most read content on Bizcommunity's Retail site over the past year...

17 Dec 2019

10 children's toys on the safety WATCH list for 2019

Those looking to buy children's toys for Christmas presents need to be aware that dangerous toys are for sale in store and online, many of which contain hidden hazards...

10 Dec 2019

Pick n Pay relaunches Livewell range to make healthier food more accessible

Supermarket chain Pick n Pay has relaunched its health-focused Livewell range. This is in line with the chain's efforts to make healthier food more accessible and affordable.

22 Nov 2019

Studio DOTCOF creates cave-like interior spaces for Shanghai beauty salon

Shanghai-based architecture and design practice Studio DOTCOF has created a series of cave-like interior spaces for a beauty salon in Shanghai, China...

12 Nov 2019

New regulations take aim at listeriosis

The threat of listeriosis hasn't subsided since the 2017/2018 outbreak. In fact, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases confirmed in October 2019 that 87 laboratory-confirmed listeriosis cases had been reported in the year since then...

4 Nov 2019

How food manufacturers can ensure waste products are disposed of responsibly

The 2018 listeriosis outbreak in South Africa highlighted the importance of food safety in the production value chain. Since then, the government has cracked down on failures in hygiene...

31 Oct 2019

Know your business inside out with a Biz Office

New expectations of transparency and authenticity in business means things like organisational purpose, brand stories, how your company does things, what it believes in and what it stands for, can all play a part in how your company sees itself and how it is seen by others...

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 2 Oct 2019

Claims that reusable sanitary towels are SABS-tested are false

The SABS has been made aware that there are some companies selling and distributing reusable sanitary towels with false claims that they have been tested and certified by the organisation...

30 Sep 2019

Top ratings for Biz Rate Card 2019

Bizcommunity is excited to announce the relaunch of our Biz Product and Rate Card, featuring all-new product infographics, descriptors and more...

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 27 Sep 2019

#FoodNextAfrica: Blockchain will simplify and transform supply chain traceability

According to the WWF, a bid to improve the traceability of supply chains around the world is top of mind with a major focus on transparency - but how is technology disruption promoting business growth?

By Robin Fredericks 25 Sep 2019

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