Thebe Exhibitions adds Projects to its name

Thebe Exhibitions and Events will in future be known as Thebe Exhibitions and Projects. Managing Director Carol Weaving says the decision to change the name of the group was a strategic one, aimed at positioning the company in terms of the actual business it conducts and avoiding confusion with other companies that specialise in events only.
“Thebe is undoubtedly a leader in the industry, both in terms of exhibitions and special projects, which often include events. Since our inception in 1997, we have steadily increased market share in the industry and we believe it is necessary to distinguish ourselves in this way.

“We do not simply execute events and projects on behalf of clients, but we often develop our own projects internally. This is what makes us different.”

Thebe Exhibitions and Projects is part of the Thebe Tourism Group, the tourism division of the Thebe Investment Corporation. The group has won many awards and owns exhibition titles such as Decorex, Gardenex and the World Holiday & Travel Fair. It manages the Coca-Cola dome in Johannesburg and has a special event safety division.

Weaving is a past chairman of the Exhibition & Event Association of Southern Africa.

8 Jul 2008 13:20


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