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Multi-millionaire campaign for Gidani from Draftfcb Impact

Draftfcb Impact has launched a new game for South Africa's national lottery operator, Gidani, using television, national radio stations, newsprint and spectacular outdoor sites.

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The new game, called PowerBall, kicked off on October 23, the first to be introduced by Gidani since it started operating the national lottery and the first to offer a R30-million starting jackpot. And, believe it or not, proving that the game is winnable, there was a R30-million winner in that evening.

Draftfcb Impact's Pippa Capstick described the strategy behind the campaign: “A double matrix game designed to give Lottery players a chance to win astonishingly vast amounts of money, PowerBall is immensely popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, Greece, the United States of America and New Zealand, where players are accustomed to such huge jackpots.

“Locally, however, the size of the jackpot actually posed a problem for us because, while most ordinary South Africans can contextualise a prize of R1-million or even R2-million, it is very difficult for them to appreciate just how much R30-million is.”

To counter this, Draftfcb Impact elected to provide people with clear examples of what they could achieve with R30-million. For example, when asked what they would do if they won Powerball, most people would elect to buy a new car. With PowerBall, they could buy a new car for every day of the week. Draftfcb's wrap in the Sunday Times therefore showed seven different expensive sports cars parked in garages labelled for the days of the week.

The payoff line chosen to drive home the message was ‘Because you can', and that is the golden thread running through the campaign - with PowerBall the only reason you need is ‘because you can'.

This was brought to life in a humourous TV commercial. It's dusk in a typical middle-class suburb, everyone is winding down for the day. Suddenly, there's a great noise, a rush of wind and a flash of light; but no-one is perturbed, it is obvious this is a regular occurrence. Two children run outside their home shouting to their mother, "Daddy's home!" With that, the camera pulls back and takes in the shot: a man climbing out of a Lear jet parked in the driveway. Dad takes a Lear to work every day. Why? Because, as a PowerBall winner, he can.

Draftfcb Impact also worked in an educational element to the campaign. Using seven different radio stations with national coverage, they developed a competition which involved listeners calling an IVR line leaving their five numbers between 1 and 45, and one PowerBall number from 1 to 20. One listener a day was then called and asked to choose a sixth number between 1 and 20. If they had selected a winning combination, they won lifestyle prizes to enjoy with their partner - a hot air balloon ride with five-star dinner, a rock star party for 10 of their friends with state-of-the-art electronic gadgets thrown in, a weekend away at a five-star penthouse in Cape Town, a sailing lesson for two at Cape Town's Nice N Nautical Academy or a personal shopper to help them spend R10,000 before enjoying a five-star dinner with a spouse or partner. In-store collateral developed by the agency has also assisted launch the game and educate people about how to play it.

“This has been an extensive campaign that has effectively utilised numerous traditional media to reach Powerball target audience to both excite them about the new game and educate them how to play. I'm certain that it will prove as successful here as overseas and can't wait until the country's first multi-millionaire claims his or her prize. I hope he - or she - contacts me to say hi: just because they can!”

18 Nov 2009 13:30


Mnet much?-
The visual language is this campaign is strikingly similar to mnets....
Posted on 19 Nov 2009 09:10