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Wanda Swart appointed as MD for Ingwe Communications

Ingwe Communications – a specialist in research, consumer insights, brand health monitoring, immersions and activations for the emerging market – has appointed Wanda Swart as managing director.
Wanda Swart appointed as MD for Ingwe CommunicationsHer strong leadership skills as well as strategic planning, branding, market research and project management background are expected to add considerable value to the company and its clients.

An MBA graduate from the University of Stellenbosch with a Bachelors of Juris and a Bachelors of Management and Administration (Honours), Swart has held a number of senior positions in marketing, brand management and consultancy, both in USA and South Africa.

31 May 2007 16:05


Is this really the right person ?-
Besides her surname, what inherent understanding does Wanda have in terms of effectively marketing within a main market environment. Please do not mistaken this comment as an indictment upon Ms Swart's creditiantials, but I do believe that Corporate South Africa needs to realise that sometimes and, just sometimes, the best person for certain jobs would in fact be a person of colour.
Posted on 1 Jun 2007 14:16
What qualifies you to question if she is?-
Whether she is or not is firstly not up to you to decide. That decision was made by people who felt that, out of ALL the candidates interviewed, she is the best person for the job, REGARDLESS of her colour or sex. Why do we always play the colour card? Can't we just say congrats Wanda and we hope you make a good go of it? Get over the colour thing, it's not proudly black, white, coloured, asia or european - it's PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICA.
Posted on 7 Jun 2007 10:35