Load-shedding vs Brand-shedding

While load-shedding schedules are sent out and made available online, the sudden jump between the different load-shedding stages is making it difficult for consumers, and advertisers especially, to plan ahead.
What does this mean for massive advertising budgets - what happens to the ad spend on TV and radio where a certain reach and return on investment is promised but not delivered - as traditional advertising in this sense will no longer reach the masses, as once projected?

Yaron Assabi, Founder of Digital Solutions Group speaks to Jeremy Maggs on Maggs on Media around the fact that now is the time to move advertising spend to mobile. The mobile phone will become consumers' greatest source of comfort, through all the blackouts, motivated by the fact that mobile devices can be charged in the car or by a portable charger. Marketers and advertisers should start considering the intrinsic value that mobile will offer them in such uncertain times.

Load-shedding vs Brand-shedding

This interview was first broadcast on eNCA, Maggs on Media, where the original video clip can be viewed here: http://www.enca.com/media/video/maggs-media-loadshedding-vs-brandshedding

17 Mar 2015 11:39