Tata Communications at AfricaCom 2015

XZIBIT was asked to refurbish and rebuild an existing stand and to create various platforms to enhance the brands, tagline and success story.
The brief was to refurbish the existing Tata Communications stand structure to create a bright, inviting and interactive stand for AfricaCom 2015, in collaboration with Bivouac Studio and working closely with Gecko African Safaris.

Delegates were drawn to the stand by the bold back wall graphic that made use of 250 lightbulbs making up the phrase "WE'RE THE CONNECTION".

A backlit map activation was created for delegates to interact with by choosing one of the four colour pegs that corresponded most closely with their business style. Four different colour pegs represented the business styles: Motivator, Leader, Innovator and Entrepreneur.

The activation ultimately demonstrated that we are all connected, while we each have our own character.

9 Dec 2015 09:22