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Khuza winners announced

The ads that make South African youths laugh, cheer and shout have been revealed! The winners of the 2008 Khuza Awards were announced in Johannesburg on 14 May.
Khuza winners announcedKhuza was launched as a research-based awards programme in 2004 to give youth - 52% of the South African population - a voice in terms of what marketing communication works for them and what doesn't.

Annually more than 2,500 young people vote on which TV, radio and print ads made them tick, as well as which brands, celebrities, storylines, angles and promises they believe.

Special Awards included: The Production Excellence Award which went to “MTN Clap Clap”; the Flights of Fantasy Award which went to South African Airways for their “Speed Dating” advert; the Wow Wheels Award which was awarded to Mercedes Benz for their “E-Class Boy” advert; The Love Mark Award which was won by 1Time for their advert “Help Bring Danny Home” and the Simply Inspired Award which was awarded to Adidas - “Impossible is Nothing”. Amongst the campaigns that received the most attention this year, were Axe and Chicken Licken, but with the world's favourite cola brand really getting the double thumbs up. Brrrravo for Coca Cola!

Tweens (TV)
1 Vodacom - Mo & Moetia Mambo Number 5
2 Vodacom - Corporate (Kalahari)
3 Coca Cola - Brrr Campaign

Teens (TV)
1 Coca Cola - Ring Tone
2 Chicken Licken - Street Magic II
3 Axe - Magician

Young Adults (TV)
1 Chicken Licken - Street Magic II
2 VW Golf - Blind Man
3 Coca Cola - Ring Tone

Cross-spectrum TV winner
Coca Cola

Tweens (RADIO)
1 Coca Cola - Brrr Campaign
2 Axe - Fart
3 DSTV - BBC Food: Chicken Advert

Teens (RADIO)
1 DSTV - BBC Food: Chicken Advert
2 Coca Cola - Brrr Campaign
3 Axe - Fart

Young Adults (RADIO)
1 Coca Cola - Brrr Campaign
2 Axe - Get a Girlfriend
3 Axe - Fart

Cross-spectrum Radio winner

Tweens (PRINT)
1 Reebok - Scarlett Johansson
2 Cube Store - Come Play
3 Meltz - Jolly Couture, Jolly Prices

1 Missy Elliott
2 Beyonce
3 Ronaldinho

Teens (PRINT)
1 Channel 33 - ESPN Generic Advert
2 Nike - Just Do It
3 Meltz - Jolly Couture, Jolly Prices

1 Missy Elliott
2 Catherine Zeta Jones
3 Nicole Kidman

Young Adults (PRINT)
1 Levi's - A Testament To Man's Ability
2 Coca-Cola - The Coke Side Of Life
3 Adidas - Supernova Cushion

Young Adults (CELEBRITY)
1 Missy Elliott
2 Charlize Theron
3 Halle Berry

15 May 2008 15:17