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Two gold Pendorings on Etiket's birthday cake

Etiket has added two gold Pendoring Awards to its trophy cabinet for its innovative digital campaign Die LAPA Hoofkarakter-soektog (Main Character Search). The campaign was awarded Pendorings in the categories: Internet, Mobile and Interactive Communication; and Integrated Digital Campaign on Friday, 21 September 2012 at the annual Pendoring Awards Ceremony held at the International Convention Centre in Cape Town.

The Pendoring accolades are the icing on the cake of a very successful campaign which saw almost 1 000 South Africans participating via online and social media ( to become a main character in Leon van Nierop's new book, Snydokter (plastic surgeon).

The campaign was awarded gold Pendorings based on the overall uniqueness of the concept, its creative execution and results.

"Winning two gold Pendorings for the campaign is truly a wonderful acknowledgement from both our peers and industry. We have definitely shown that by approaching a campaign innovatively while still telling its story one can really make your mark and create high impact awareness," comments Janhendrik Oosthuizen, MD at Etiket.

Etiket was tasked with creating awareness and driving visitors to LAPA's website; therefore establishing it as a site with some serious "cyber cred". The solution was an interactive book experience that emerges the participants deeply into the storyline and the winner ultimately becoming one of the main characters.

Five years of storytelling

The Pendoring accolades also serve as fitting celebration to Etiket's fifth birthday in September which has seen the agency grow from from three founding partners - in a tiny office - to a 30-strong team, housed in stunning premises in Irene, Pretoria.

And the agency certainly has the industry cred to show for it; in 2010 Etiket entered the awards race and has in two short years won no less than five Pendorings and two Loeries and moreover features a client base that will make most big agencies sit up and pay attention.

"Our last five years have certainly been an exciting journey and the stuff that makes for one mindblowing story."

And the next five years? "There are so many stories out there that need to be told. And that is where you will find Etiket: where there is a story, there we will be. It does not matter what medium we use, for us the story will always be what we are passionate about," concludes Oosthuizen.

27 Sep 2012 12:42