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Innovative Greatstock content hubs cut production spend

Content is king in today's high-octane, info-rich world. And for brands to stay relevant and save money, it's vital they maintain an archive of their valuable brand material that they can access, use and reuse with a dash of speed. This requires a proven system, which is easily and accurately searchable, and specifically designed for media assets like stills and footage.

Greatstock’s Media Asset Management (MAM) is a unique service that creates and maintains innovative, customisable corporate intranets and websites that act as secure, permission-based, private content libraries – accessible from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

This pioneering technology allows brands, agencies, corporates – and anyone looking to store valuable media assets – to access and search their content in one consolidated place.

Finding the right asset is as simple as completing a Google-type search on a customisable internet platform. In an age where drives, servers and discs are all at risk of failure and rapidly becoming obsolete, centralised management is essential. This allows access to an extensive database of medium-res footage and images, with the high-res versions available as needed.

Let’s get technical

Clients can customise their own platform with various levels of security features, which are automatically detected when logging onto the platform.

Search results are quick and accurate, with thumbnails for easy scanning. Results can be saved to a Lightbox for future reference and are easily shared with other collaborators on the project.

Modern archiving

“To build a strong brand identity over time, media assets need to be maintained, so regardless of which agency or individuals are working on a brand, they have access to all legacy content without scratching through endless files and hard drives to find what they need,” explains Greatstock Managing Director Margi Sheard.

“Over the years, local companies have built up stores of rich media assets, (typically video, stills, recordings, completed marketing pieces and virtually any kind of digital file) with no way to store and access them reliably – that’s where MAM services come in.”

Controlled access

Authorised employees can access MAM systems remotely and find the material they need quickly and easily from anywhere, anytime. Sheard goes on to explain that MAM isn’t simply a programme or filing system – Greatstock tailor-makes every MAM platform to uniquely fit the needs of the specific business, brand or agency.

Advantages of a Greatstock MAM solutions

A centralised MAM platform facilitates efficiency across multiple offices and countries. Employees come and go, and companies lose track of their own media assets, and where they’re stored. Assuring all media assets are safely stored in one place, and fully backed up, allows for total peace of mind.

“Assets are available in high and medium resolution, any hour of the day – this service is provided by an experienced, professional production team,” says Sheard. “One of our clients saved R6 million in a single year, as a result of our MAM service.”

How it works

Sheard highlights the convenience and efficiency of a MAM platform for corporates and agencies working on large-scale marketing projects, with limited resources. “A Latin American subsidiary of a multinational client needs to produce a TVC at short notice, on a tiny budget. They log onto the MAM site and search for video assets, which they view and assemble according to their needs,” says Sheard.

“They order hi-res clips, which are promptly sent to them digitally, and easily edited. The project is completed in record time, with little or no need to embark on a costly and time-consuming film shoot. The same applies to a company in the tourism sector, needing to produce a marketing piece promoting Cape Town, for example. They can easily find footage of the winelands, shot in the perfect season, or an exquisite aerial shot to incorporate into their new production.”

For more information on Media Asset Management services, visit or email az.oc.kcotstaerg@igram.

24 Feb 2016 11:07