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StockFood South Africa launches its new website

StockFood, one of the world's leading food media agencies, is announcing a complete website re-launch for the South African market. Two years of intense research and engineering have gone into the usability, design and technical development of - a website that sets new standards among the food photo agencies. Instant filter options and an intuitive navigation structure allow image buyers in South Africa to get results faster, more comfortably and more precisely than ever before.

The new website is designed to facilitate searches in all four product categories of StockFood: images, videos, features and recipes. Clinton Nortje, sales manager of StockFood South Africa, underlines the importance of the new site. "Quality and specialisation are the foundation of our success in a competitive market. Customer focus and perfect service add the icing to the cake. With our new website, StockFood South Africa is equipped to exceed the expectations of our customers," he says.

The new visual search matches images by similarity and allows precise color definition. Furthermore, the new website displays thousands of image series and features. Series visualise related images that originate from one photo production. This is especially interesting for image buyers who are looking for alternatives to complex photo productions. In addition, StockFood offers complete features with photos, recipes and text from some of the world's top food publications.

The new StockFood website also provides innovative "drag and drop" light boxes. Website users may load selected images onto their light boxes without multiple clicks and are able to store their selections for future visits. Additional options will allow customers to make comments, to share their favorite images and regroup them within the light box as they desire.

Clinton Nortje is proud of the website launch in South Africa. "Our advertising and editorial customers know exactly what they want. We have conducted extensive surveys to be sure all their wishes are met. Quality and innovation always have the utmost priority in media business. Our new StockFood website meets these demands."

Its brand new website underlines StockFood's position as the world's number one source for food image content. The company was founded more than 30 years ago and operates a global network of independent representatives worldwide.

We will be happy to supply images free of charge, to be used in connection with stories about StockFood. One call is all it takes.

For further information please contact:

Clinton Nortje
Sales Manager New Business
Johannesburg, SA
Tel.: +27 11 880-2037
Fax: +27 11 788-9996
Email: az.oc.doofkcots@selas

About StockFood:

StockFood is a leading food specialist among image agencies, offering creative professionals in media, marketing, advertising and publishing the largest food image database on the internet. This includes an unmatched range of rights-managed and royalty-free images, videos and features from over 1,000 internationally renowned photographers and film producers. Expert recipe texts, created by an in-house team, are available for all images, videos and features. StockFood was established in Germany in 1979 and is now represented in more than 80 countries, on all continents, by a worldwide network of partner agencies. The company employs 60 people in its offices in Kennebunk, Maine (USA), Munich (Germany) and London (UK).

Editorial contact

Editorial contact Ina Britz on tel.: (011) 880 2037, fax (011) 788 9996 or E-Mail: az.oc.kcotstaerg@ani.

6 Mar 2014 11:52