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JCDecaux Africa Press Office
JCDecaux Africa services the major media agencies, multinationals, and most prominent brands from around the world. Our media planning and strategy are focused on a host of in-depth research and insight tools to maximise our clients' advertising spend and deliver on their campaign objectives.
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JCDecaux announces the appointment of Lunga Majija as managing director: South Africa
JCDecaux, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, has announced the appointment of Lunga Majija as managing director for JCDecaux South Africa, effective from 1 August 2022, reporting to Martin Sabbagh, CEO for JCDecaux Middle East & Africa. 1 Aug 2022 Read more

JCDecaux Africa announces the appointment of Dele Odugbemi as chief revenue officer
JCDecaux, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, has announced the appointment of Dele Odugbemi as chief revenue officer for JCDecaux Africa, effective from 1 August 2022, reporting to Martin Sabbagh, CEO for JCDecaux Middle East & Africa. 11 Jul 2022 Read more

JCDecaux South Africa launches DOOH 3D anamorphic experience
Taking Digital Out of Home (DOOH) campaigns to a whole new level, JCDecaux South Africa has launched a 3D anamorphic experience for brands and advertisers, activating its 4x8 meter P4 with Deep Motion Digital screen at Sandton City shopping centre. 21 Apr 2022 Read more

JCDecaux South Africa announce the promotion of Lélanie Butler to director of innovation and projects
JCDecaux South Africa has announced the promotion of Lélanie Butler to director of innovation and projects for South Africa, effective from 17 January 2022, reporting to Sebastian Musendo, MD for JCDecaux South Africa. 28 Jan 2022 Read more

JCDecaux sub-Saharan Africa announce new sales and marketing director
JCDecaux, the global leader in outdoor advertising, has announced the appointment of Kirsty Carlson as sales and marketing director for JCDecaux sub-Saharan Africa, effective from 17 January 2022, reporting to Sebastian Musendo, MD for JCDecaux South Africa. 18 Jan 2022 Read more

JCDecaux launches its global data offering, JCDecaux Data Solutions
The number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, announces the launch of JCDecaux Data Solutions - a portfolio of global and local data-driven solutions that enables advertisers to maximise the power and ROI of their media investment. 5 Oct 2021 Read more

Consumer and mobility insights continue to fuel investment in outdoor
JCDecaux, the number one media owner in Africa, invests heavily in the latest research and audience technologies to support our clients in planning, activation and measurement. We aim to inform and empower our clients to make educated decisions around their media investment. One such solution is the mobility report, which over the past year, we have regularly shared. The industry-first mobility report covers roadside traffic, mall footfall and air travel. 30 Jun 2021 Read more

JCDecaux South Africa announces new managing director
JCDecaux, the global leader in outdoor advertising, has announced the appointment of Sebastian Musendo as managing director for JCDecaux South Africa, effective from 15 March 2021, reporting to Martin Sabbagh, CEO Middle East and Africa of JCDecaux. 29 Mar 2021 Read more

Digitally connecting brands and customers on the path-to-purchase
JCDecaux Africa is proud to announce the expansion of our latest custom-designed full-motion digital mall screens, JCDecaux i-Vision, to our network. Our strategy is to enhance our media offering with diverse advertising platforms and touchpoints along the consumer journey. The expanded network of i-Vision digital displays has increased to 122 screens, with plans to extend the footprint in the coming year. Located in 13 of the most prestigious and busiest malls, across six provinces, with an estimated average monthly footfall of 11.9 million consumers, focused on the premium market. 2 Mar 2021 Read more

Addressing the changing media landscape Citilites Amplified
The rate of change in the media landscape is putting more pressure on media agencies, brands and advertisers, around optimising budgets and delivering on campaign goals. Agencies are better informed than ever before about consumers, however, knowing which consumer insights to reference and how to interpret them for improved media mix decisions are becoming ever more complex. 24 Aug 2020 Read more

JCDecaux launches first to market game changing technologies for digital OOH in sub-Saharan Africa
With society moving into the electronic age, more people are communicating in cyberspace not only to access more information, but also to create a reality of their own. There is a revolution occurring in virtually every corner of the world today, especially in the media delivery. 7 Dec 2017 Read more

Barry Sayer renewed as non-executive Chairman and Director of the Board
Barry Sayer has been renewed as non-executive Chairman and Director of the Board of JCDecaux Sub Saharan Africa, effective from 1 February 2017. 16 Feb 2017 Read more

JCDecaux and Vodacom rebrand the Soweto Towers, South Africa's iconic and famous landmark
JCDecaux SA (Euronext Paris: DEC), the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, and Vodacom, part of Vodafone Group and a leading African mobile communication company providing a wide range of communication services, have announced that they have joined forces in rebranding the iconic Soweto Towers, in South Africa, following the Vodacom Soweto Towers Competition launched in March 2016 to give a new look to the towers. 1 Feb 2017 Read more

JCDecaux South Africa relaunches its Citilite networks reinforced by OMC (Road) metrics
Following the recent release of the Road survey through the OMC (Outdoor Measurement Council), JCDecaux in South Africa has re-evaluated its geo-demographic and psychographically designed Citilite networks. This exercise was undertaken to reinforce the strategic value these networks provide as off-the-shelf solutions to support a number of media challenges. 13 Dec 2016 Read more

MediaCom crowned as the 2016 JCDecaux Café Cook-off champions!
The judges at the 2016 JCDecaux Café Cook-off held on Wednesday, 1 June, at the kgotla at the Indaba Hotel, unanimously judged the MediaCom team, representing the French city of Strasbourg, as the new cocotte (potjie) winners with their delicious and succulent pork cocotte accompanied with crackling and perfect use of their secret ingredient of bread dough! Their culinary efforts have won them, aside from a Mowana Spa voucher for each team member, a digital out-of-home campaign worth R100,000. Maxus, winners of the lamb category, came in at the very well deserved second position, followed by the previous reigning champs, OMD, who won the team spirit prize and chicken category. Initiative Media, winners of the beef category, came in at fourth place. 3 Jun 2016 Read more

Globally recognised out-of-home audience accountability comes to South Africa
JCDecaux South Africa are one of the key underwriters of the groundbreaking out-of-home currency, ROAD (Roadside Outdoor Audience Data), produced under the OMC JIC umbrella. The ROAD currency, to deliver media metrics such as reach, frequency, GRPs and CPM, will now position the South African out-of-home industry alongside that of the many other countries that have already developed currency frameworks like ROUTE in the UK, and Move in Australia. 30 May 2016 Read more

The JCDecaux Sub-Saharan Africa HR structure is rationalised for growth!
JCDecaux in sub-Saharan Africa has rationalised and streamlined its structure to optimise the integration of the JCDecaux Group's international procedures, and accommodate the new growth strategies across the continent. This follows the finalisation of the integration of Continental Outdoor Media into the JCDecaux Group after the acquisition by JCDecaux SA (Euronext Paris: DEC) in partnership with Royal Bafokeng Holdings (RBH), with a shareholding split of 70/30 of the company on 18 June 2015. 20 Apr 2016 Read more

Continental Outdoor Media is now JCDecaux in Africa
Continental Outdoor Media, founded more than 50 years ago and a pioneer in Outdoor Advertising in Africa, was acquired on 18 June 2015 by JCDecaux SA (Euronext Paris: DEC) in partnership with empowerment partner and long-term investor Royal Bafokeng Holdings (RBH) with a shareholding split of 70/30. The company has now completed its integration process, and having finalised all statutory requirements, will officially be known as JCDecaux in each of the countries it operates within. 18 Apr 2016 Read more

Continental Outdoor and JCDecaux recognised as key donors to the Nelson Mandela Foundation
Continental Outdoor, now JCDecaux in Africa, were recognised for their continuous and generous contribution to the Nelson Mandela Foundation at the unveiling of the donor wall at a function at the Centre of Memory on 30 March 2016. 4 Apr 2016 Read more

Stanlib gives motorists a glimpse into the future through consistent focus
Stanlib's groundbreaking digital out-of-home campaign, "Focused Investing", provides motorists with a live feed of the traffic 1.4 kilometres ahead at the N1 William Nicol off-ramp, streamed to Continental Outdoors' Roadside Digital billboard on William Nicol Drive from a 360° IP camera at the off-ramp. 28 Oct 2015 Read more

Digital OOH poised to move into the programmatic realm
Programmatic media buying, placement and optimisation for DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) is still in its infancy in South Africa and Africa, however it is cited as the next trigger to impact on Out-of-Home's growth, and contribute to the evolution of the communication industry. 21 Oct 2015 Read more

Out of Home to fill in the DTT audience loss gaps
Out of Home advertising is the umbrella under which cross-media advertising campaigns assemble. Its inherent strength is that it can be seen as the 'shorthand' for brand-building by reinforcing and reminding consumers of ads they might have seen on TV, radio and/or in print with a succinct message in just seconds using brand cues that pull through from other media. It cannot be disputed that Out of Home advertising is an integral part of the communication mix. The strength of OOH will be endorsed with the migration of broadcasters from analogue to digital terrestrial TV and radio. Why? 17 Apr 2015 Read more

Continental Outdoor flying alongside BirdLife SA to give conservation wings
Continental Outdoor Media has aligned its corporate social investment spend with its core business objectives and imperatives. This strategic approach over the past few years has resulted in CSI initiatives being moved largely out of the charitable sphere into one in which true partnerships have been forged with key beneficiaries, one of which is BirdLife South Africa. Continental Outdoor has provided much needed advertising exposure to further BirdLife South Africa's goals and objectives. This was achieved by way of free design assistance and advertising space on both static billboards and digital platforms across the country, amounting to in excess of R2m a year. 10 Apr 2015 Read more

Continental Outdoor celebrates past and present creativity with the Loeries
Continental Outdoor, as the Loeries Out of Home sponsor for the second year, has taken a walk down memory lane to celebrate outstanding Out of Home creativity from the past. Not the immediate past, but way back to the '70s, '80s and '90s to the Rent A Sign and CorpCom days when the importance and value of creativity was well understood and equally celebrated. 30 Mar 2015 Read more

Sub-Saharan African consumers connect with Coke via Continental Outdoors' Ignite screens
The first truly interactive digital out-of-home campaign to move into sub-Saharan Africa is owned by Coca-Cola with their "Share a Coke" campaign, which activates consumers to replace the advertised name on the can with their own! 12 Mar 2015 Read more

Continental Outdoors' Digi-nomics a huge success at the South African Mindshare Huddle
The "Did you know" of the art of digital conversations by Continental Outdoor was chosen as one of the futuristic and innovative concepts to be showcased at the inaugural South African Mindshare Huddle on Tuesday, 17 February 2015. Themed "Futurenomics", the Mindshare Huddle was a full-day 'un-conference' where clients, staff and media owners shared intimate and no-holds barred discussions about the future of media. The mantra for the day was "think provocation, controversy and standing for something". 20 Feb 2015 Read more

Opel Adam and Continental Outdoor pack a punch!
The new trend-conscious Opel Adam packs a punch at every turn. The unique, comfortable and all-new Opel Adam fits in with consumers' lifestyles and to promote this completely new nameplate for Opel in South Africa they did not have the luxury of relying on previous ownership or consumer experience to sell the car. 13 Feb 2015 Read more

Continental Outdoor ignites the streets of Malawi
Continental Outdoor has continued its roll-out of Roadside Digital billboards across sub-Saharan Africa into Malawi. The erection of these world-class advertising structures into Blantyre and Lilongwe has injected a renewed interest in the Malawi consumer market from marketers. 26 Nov 2014 Read more

Business Connexion delves into the future with Continental Outdoor
Business Connexion, South Africa's leading IT services provider, is a leading integrator of innovative business solutions based on information and communications technology (ICT). They hosted "My World of Tomorrow" in October at the Sandton Convention Centre, presenting an opportunity for a continent to converge under a single roof, creating an African-led movement of global technological innovation. The three-day technology experience extended to all spheres of business, public sector and society and showcased products and services of the future. 10 Nov 2014 Read more

Loeries fly Out of Home
Continental Outdoor Media, the official sponsor of the Outdoor category, and the official supplier of out-of-home media to the Loeries, is proud to be involved with the Loeries to celebrate creativity and excellence in advertising and show its support for upholding world-class levels of creativity in the advertising industry in South Africa and Africa. 6 Oct 2014 Read more

Continental Outdoor continues to dominate Africa's DOOH growth!
Continental Outdoor is leading the way in paving South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa's roads, commuter and consumer convergence areas with digital advertising screens. It is fast expanding its network across Africa into airports, malls, on escalators, bars and restaurants, and onto roadside! 27 Aug 2014 Read more

Continental Outdoor digitises the roads of Africa!
There's a digital buzz on the roads of Africa. Continental Outdoor has commenced with its roll-out of Digital Roadside billboards in Zambia, soon to be followed by Tanzania and five other sub-Saharan countries! 22 Apr 2014 Read more

Continental Outdoor driving OOH growth in sub-Saharan Africa in 2014
According to Magna Global, global advertising adspend is set to accelerate in 2014 with advertising revenues predicted to grow by 6.5% to $521 billion (covering 72 individual countries). As the world economy gradually improves in 2014, so will marketing spending, contributing to the strongest year-on-year growth to be recorded since the 2009 recession. The non-recurring sports events of 2014 (Sochi Winter Olympics and Brazil Soccer World Cup) and the US mid-term elections will contribute to the global growth. Newspapers and magazines will continue to lose market shares and advertising revenues (-3.2% and -3.9% respectively). Out of Home will also benefit from cyclical events and organic growth (+4.8%) according to Magna Global. 17 Feb 2014 Read more

Continental Outdoor owns the Jo'burg skyline!
Continental Outdoor Media has acquired the advertising rights to Ponte City, the tallest and most iconic skyscraper to grace the Jo'burg city skyline. The massive advertising structure, 15m high and 132m long, is supported on the Ponte City roof and proudly affords Vodacom ownership of the city skyline with an almost 360 degree view from many kilometres away. Vodacom's face is visible during the day, and at night enabled by approximately 7000m of LED lights mounted on the front of the structure. 10 Feb 2014 Read more

Findeco House lights up Lusaka skyline
The night skies in Lusaka, Zambia, are lit up by Continental Outdoor Media, hosting the Samsung logo on Findeco House which has now become an iconic site on the skyline. 17 Apr 2013 Read more

OOH makes its mark at Rail Park Mall, Botswana
In a first of its kind Continental Outdoor Media Botswana has acquired exclusive rights to advertising in one of the largest retail spaces in Botswana. Rail Park Mall, a 368 million pula development, based on an eight hectare site, first opened in October 2011 and fast established itself as the busiest mall in Gaborone. Located adjacent to the main bus and train station in Gaborone, large footfall daily makes its way through the mall. 12 Apr 2013 Read more

Fly fishing for ideal channel and content mix, Continental Conversations with Hamish Pringle
At Continental Conversations, on 1 March, at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton, media guru, Hamish Pringle, shared insights about fly fishing and how to plan the ideal channel and content mix, with advertising and media professionals. Pringle has graced South African shores courtesy of Continental Outdoor Media and also launched his fifth book, 'Spending Advertising Money in the Digital Age - How to Navigate the Media Flow' (co-authored with Jim Marshall of Aegis Media) officially in South Africa this week. 8 Mar 2013 Read more

Africa embraces Universal Pics 100th with travelling globe
Africa is the first continent, outside of the US, to celebrate Universal Pictures's centenary; an iconic silver globe, a replica of the original at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, was constructed (to scale) by Continental Outdoor Media, and has travelled to all of South Africa's main international airports. 24 Aug 2012 Read more

Easy DIY and Elvis Blue make for witty billboard
Singer Elvis Blue and a humourous tagline on one of Continental Outdoor Media's billboards have seen sales of a local magazine, Easy DIY, increase two-fold (the magazine's cover, featuring Elvis Blue, was advertised on the billboard). 23 Aug 2012 Read more

Outdoor ad company launches online entrepreneur directory
Continental Outdoor Media has launched an online business directory to provide existing small-to-medium sized clients an additional channel for exposure. 25 Jul 2012 Read more

African inner city rejuvenation begins with traffic circles
Traffic calming circles in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, have been upgraded to 'works of art' as part of that city's urban regeneration and beautification initiative. Continental Outdoor Media worked in conjunction with local artists to beautify this road infrastructure. 11 Jul 2012 Read more

Research conducted about the typical Gautrain user revealed that business and airport commuters are not the only groups travelling extensively on the train, with the recently opened Park Station route allowing advertisers to reach an interesting array of travellers: those who want to access shopping malls previously inconvenient and inaccessible to them. 25 Jun 2012 Read more

Effective outdoor ad campaigns to solve business challenges
BMW and Yum Yum are examples of clients which have used the outdoor advertising medium effectively to resolve overall business objectives, said Continental Outdoor Media. 12 Jun 2012 Read more

We can't rely on rational, loyal consumers - Continental
No longer can brands rely on the loyal, regular and rational customer; in fact, products are likely to be bought by a disloyal, irregular and emotional customer. Essentially, companies need to totally rethink their marketing strategies. So said Pip Hainsworth, guest speaker at Continental Outdoor Media's first Continental Conversations function. 17 May 2012 Read more

Continental Outdoor Media's billboard strategy at airports has successfully decluttered the space as well as created a better solution for marketers. 4 May 2012 Read more

All signs lead to Woolies
The new and largest Woolworths store, to be opened at Nicolway Shopping Centre next week, already has customers intrigued, with its large and impactful billboard sign outside the centre. 17 Apr 2012 Read more

The total loss of revenue of the proposed alcohol advertising ban is expected to be around R2.6-billion, resulting in about 2500 jobs in the media industry being threatened - and this number is a "conservative estimation," said Barry Sayer, CEO Continental Outdoor Media. 22 Mar 2012 Read more

Continental Outdoor Media today launched its 'off the shelf' Citilite networks, enabling media agencies and marketers to book networked sites from their desks with ease. 1 Mar 2012 Read more

The US's most important annual sporting extravaganza - The Superbowl - highlights the significant potential of out-of-home advertising to ingeniously reach millions of consumers captivated by the media's promotion of the event. Continental Outdoor Media CEO Barry Sayer said South African outdoor media companies can harness South Africa's ubiquitous love of sport to uniquely engage viewers ahead of a major sporting event. 24 Feb 2012 Read more

Cellphone branding differentiated successfully amid airport clutter
The Motorola RAZR phone's outdoor advertising campaign at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg proved that cleverly executed ads can stand out amid significant clutter. 15 Feb 2012 Read more

Continental Outdoor has been rated highest in the Advertising Agencies/Outdoor sector in Zambia and will receive the PMR Diamond Arrow Award in March 2012. 10 Jan 2012 Read more

Melting Magnum - hottest new innovation from Continental Outdoor
The streets of Jo'burg are hotting up with the latest innovation to be delivered from Continental Outdoor. 14 Dec 2011 Read more

Barloworld Handling's Hyster brand demonstrates its strength with 3D and 2D billboards
Materials handling supplier Barloworld Handling has launched its most comprehensive marketing campaign in recent years in support of its Hyster brand and to help address the use of Hyster as a generic term for forklifts. 14 Dec 2011 Read more

Continental Outdoor (Zimbabwe) second in 2011 Superbrands awards in Best Media House category
Continental Outdoor Media (Zimbabwe) was awarded 2nd prize - Best Media House category in the 2011 Superbrands awards held at the Rainbow Hotel, last week during a glittering award ceremony, hosted by The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe. 12 Dec 2011 Read more

Continental Outdoor appoints new MD for their Africa division
Julieah Muthama has been appointed as Managing Director of Continental Outdoor Media's Rest of Africa operation, reporting to Barry Sayer, CEO of Continental Outdoor Media. 23 Nov 2011 Read more

Continental Outdoor plants African Olive trees in Namibia for Arbor Day
Continental Outdoor Media (Namibia) donated 20 Olea Africana (African Olive) trees to support the City of Windhoek's efforts to plant 2500 trees for National Arbor Day on 14 October 2011. 9 Nov 2011 Read more

Flex Face Fashion Show 2011 takes brands to the catwalk
Continental Outdoor held their annual Flex Face Fashion Show at their Head Office on Friday 30 September with staff and clients who transformed billboard flex faces into outfits that encapsulated the essence of each of their relevant brands. 5 Oct 2011 Read more

Gautrain out-of-home advertising surging ahead
The exclusive advertising rights that Continental Outdoor offer, in partnership with the SPG Group at all the Gautrain stations, has increased the reach for advertisers since the second stage of the project launched on 2 August 2011. Marketers have capitalised on the extended exposure this offers at the new Sandton, Rosebank, Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria and Hatfield stations. Since the launch of OCD2 (the second leg) over 20 000 passengers have been using the system per day. 19 Aug 2011 Read more

Continental Outdoor Media has been ranked 8th out of a hundred SME's in Tanzania in a survey conducted by Synovate in East Africa. The survey was conducted to determine whether the dream of East Africa becoming one market and a formidable economy is being realised. 27 Jul 2011 Read more

Barry Sayer appointed as President of FEPE International
Barry Sayer, CEO of Continental Outdoor Media, Africa's leading outdoor advertising company, was unanimously elected as President at the recent 52nd annual General Assembly of FEPE International. 29 Jun 2011 Read more

Continental Outdoor launches second leg of Gautrain advertising opportunities to industry
Continental Outdoor Media, with their partners The Strategic Partnership Group (SPG), a Bombela Concession Company partner in the Gautrain project, have launched their advertising opportunities at the six new Gautrain stations at a function held at their Head Office in Bryanston. 24 Jun 2011 Read more

Outdoor news from Namibia
Continental Outdoor have been going large in Namibia! 20 Jun 2011 Read more

Penguin flies on outdoor
The new Lesley Pearse novel, "Belle", has shot to number one on the local bestseller charts after just two weeks of flighting on Continental Outdoors' Citilite range. The campaign has still two more weeks to run and will end on 15 March 2011. 2 Mar 2011 Read more

The New Age for Outdoor
The New Age, together with Continental Outdoor, strategised, developed and implemented their national launch campaign for the newspaper. 22 Feb 2011 Read more

Don't drink & drive, just keep walking
McLaren Mercedes team driver Lewis Hamilton, and sponsor Johnnie Walker have joined forces to promote responsible drinking in Angola. 9 Feb 2011 Read more

Continental Outdoor has reinvented the use of internal illumination on its Citilite range by adding a colour-changing effect which operates from an innovative internal mechanism. "Rainbow lights", designed by Nuno dos Santos, the Senior Designer at Continental Outdoor, allows for colour changes on specific design elements, thereby creating additional movement and rainbow effects on what would normally be a static image. 18 Nov 2010 Read more

Brands take to the outdoors on the catwalk!
The Spring air was abuzz with flair and fashion on Friday 17 September. Continental Outdoor held their annual Flex Face Fashion Show at their Head Office amid a bevy of beautiful staff and clients who transformed billboard flex faces into outfits that encapsulated the essence of each of their relevant brands. 21 Sep 2010 Read more

Continental Outdoor wins top award for second year in a row!
Continental Outdoor has won the Out of Home category in the 2010 MOST Awards for the second year in a row! This award recognises excellence in Sales and Marketing as judged by advertising agencies, marketers and media specialist agencies. 6 Sep 2010 Read more

Citilites light up Zimbabwe!
The highly successful Citilite range, first introduced from France and patented in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa by Continental Outdoor in 2003, has now been launched in Zimbabwe with the erection of numerous structures in Harare. 2 Jul 2010 Read more

Vanish leaves its mark!
Vanish washing powder has painted the town pink using Continental Outdoors' Citilite range. The tactical campaign, designed to create high awareness and reach over the three-month flighting period by saturating high traffic volume areas, will leave its mark... whilst the washing powder certainly won't! 7 Jun 2010 Read more

Designer 'rust' billboard for Allan Gray
Whether it's through a massive six thousand piece puzzle, constructed piece by piece on the billboard, or a giant oversized quilt that took three months to stitch, the Allan Gray billboard campaign has always actively promoted Allan Gray's philosophy of long-term thinking. And this new execution, flighted on a Continental Outdoor Super Sign in Cape Town, is no different. 10 May 2010 Read more

Movies move into Maseru
Ster-Kinekor Theatres has opened its first cinema multiplex in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, as part of the company's strategy to expand into Africa. 13 Apr 2010 Read more

As part of its vision to improve the outdoor advertising industry in South Africa, Continental Outdoor has embarked on a project to remove obsolete media types from the former township areas. This project is specifically aimed at improving the streetscape environment in and around residential areas in the former townships. 24 Mar 2010 Read more

Continental gives a continental
Continental Outdoor Media has aligned its corporate social investment spend with its core business objectives and imperatives. This strategic approach over the past few years has resulted in CSI initiatives being moved largely out of the charitable sphere into one in which true partnerships have been forged with key beneficiaries. The two main entities that benefit from this are Food & Trees for Africa and The Dewildt Cheetah Centre. 18 Mar 2010 Read more

New Citibins go green by keeping clean
PIKITUP Johannesburg has reappointed INM Outdoor as the service provider to roll out and install street litterbins throughout the City of Johannesburg, including the inner city area. 26 Nov 2009 Read more

Tic Tac tumbles outdoor
The signature Tic Tac breath freshener packaging has transferred its iconic shake, rattle and click dispensing functionality onto INM Outdoors' Citilite range. INM Outdoor, in conjunction with Morris Jones, conceptualised this novel creative idea which clearly demonstrates the external manifestation of the Tic Tac brand. 11 Sep 2009 Read more

The new corporate identity for the Outdoor Advertising company, previously known as INM Outdoor (Pty) Ltd, was unveiled at a function at Montecasino last night. The new name for the business is Continental Outdoor Media (Pty) Ltd. 10 Sep 2009 Read more

Coke paints the town red!
Coca-Cola, a first tier FIFA 2010 World Cup and Confederations Cup partner, has taken ownership of key arterials within metropolitan areas and airports. As part of their Confederations Cup campaign they have stamped their brand and their partnership with FIFA on high impact and iconic INM Outdoor formats. 26 Jun 2009 Read more

INM Outdoor has been nominated as one of South Africa's Top 500 Companies in 2009, and first in the Outdoor Advertising sector, as a result of its contribution to the growth of the economy and job creation. 23 Jun 2009 Read more

INM Outdoor, Africa's Outdoor advertising specialists, are pleased to announce the conclusion of a sales and marketing arrangement with Media Power Solution (Pty) Ltd. 12 May 2009 Read more

Morvite kids deliver more impact!
TBWA Hunt Lascaris, the creative agency for Morvite, demonstrate through their powerful concept of children holding up billboards that Morvite builds strong and healthy kids. The campaign has been flighted on INM Outdoors' Super Sign range in Soweto and Eastern Cape. 4 May 2009 Read more

Litterbins to clean up politics
The versatility and effectiveness of Street Furniture has been used to best vantage by the UDM to promote their political party building up to the upcoming national elections. 9 Feb 2009 Read more

Extreme flighting for extreme impact!
Iconic, high impact sites such as building wraps and wall murals are the perfect format to generate rapid reach and awareness for new brands or brand extensions. Cut-outs, extensions and specific printing techniques do much to enhance the effectiveness of an outdoor campaign. This, over and above the massive square metreage of iconic sites, provides additional impact and extends the creative effectiveness of a campaign. The production and flighting process, often highly technical and demanding of skill, requires experienced and safety-conscious operators. 5 Feb 2009 Read more

Telekom Networks Malawi soars to new heights with INM Outdoor
INM Outdoor in Malawi have facilitated the erection of a unique and practical building wrap that offers Telekom Networks Malawi (tnm) simultaneous long-term brand building as well as short term product advertising! 3 Dec 2008 Read more

Ford forges into Africa
The Ford Motor Company is building strong awareness and driving new sales through its outdoor advertising awareness campaign throughout Africa. The campaign, originated by Ford in Detroit, has identified the Focus, Ranger and Explorer ranges to drive into these markets. 12 Nov 2008 Read more

Green energy on billboards
INM Outdoor and Nedbank are flying solar! INM Outdoor (formerly Clear Channel Independent) is partnering with Nedbank to provide solar power to numerous advertising signs throughout the country on which Nedbank advertise. 24 Oct 2008 Read more

Clear Channel Independent flights a new face
Independent News & Media (South Africa) (Pty) Limited has acquired Clear Channel Outdoor's 50% interest in Clear Channel Independent (‘CCI') - Africa's largest outdoor advertising company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 3 Sep 2008 Read more

Madiba's massive birthday card
Sir Anthony O'Reilly's Independent Newspaper Group, owners of the Star, the Mercury, the Daily News, Sunday Tribune, Isolezwe, Pretoria News, the Cape Argus and Cape Times (amongst other major South African titles), and Clear Channel Independent in Africa, joined forces to congratulate Madiba, father of our nation, a happy and blessed 90th birthday on 18 July 2008 on Citilites in Johannesburg and Pretoria. 24 Jul 2008 Read more

The thigh's the limit!
Nando's, dedicated to feeding South Africans with fire in their bellies, have done it again! Their advertising, embracing many topical and humorous issues revolving around life in South Africa, is fun and irreverent. 23 Jun 2008 Read more

Mascom - in touch with Botswana
There's no denying, if you want to make your mark, the largest outdoor advertising boundary wrap in Botswana will do it! 20 Jun 2008 Read more

Facelift for MTC in Namibia
MTC, the top mobile communication service provider in Namibia, has revised their corporate identity to keep up with the radical changes in the company's environment and client needs over the past 13 years. 10 Jun 2008 Read more

Stop talking, start walking!
South Africans are marching for a crime-free country on Tuesday, 10 June 2008, at the Union Buildings, Tshwane. The Million Man March is an anti-crime initiative formed as a direct response to the unacceptable levels of crime in South Africa. 9 Jun 2008 Read more

Clear Channel Outdoor gives a hoot
80 St Stithians learners and local dignitaries joined in an informative and educational morning held at the Clear Channel Bird Sanctuary just off William Nicol in Hurlingham on Thursday 8 May. 9 May 2008 Read more

The Rocky Horror Show's gone outdoor!
The world's best-loved cult musical, Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show, has gone outdoors! 10 Apr 2008 Read more

Amarula captures the spirit of Africa with outdoor
To create effective outdoor advertising is an art. To capture the spirit of Africa with quintessential accuracy on a wrap is pure genius. 11 Mar 2008 Read more

The new Scénic Navigator held back...
The spirited and adventurous new Renault Scénic Navigator is just rearing to go! The new outdoor advertising creative encapsulates the essence of this energetic and feisty range by holding it down with wheel clamps and ropes. 10 Mar 2008 Read more

Clear Channel Outdoor, along with all other OHMSA members, are contributing positively and proactively to the massive power shortages by installing timer switches on all their illuminated outdoor advertising structures (excluding airport and scrolling sites). 27 Feb 2008 Read more