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Strauss & Co is South Africa's leading auction house and the global leader for South African art. It was founded in 2009 by a consortium of business leaders and industry experts, including the late Stephan Welz, Elisabeth Bradley, Dr Conrad Strauss, Vanessa Phillips, Ann Palmer and Bina Genovese. Frank Kilbourn, entrepreneur, philanthropist and art collector was appointed Executive Chairperson in 2016.

Strauss & Co has the highest market share amongst the four leading auction houses specialising in South African art globally. In 2017 the company's turnover totalled R329 million - a sum unrivalled by any auction house dealing in South African art in a single year.

Strauss & Co holds five live auctions per year, three in Cape Town and two in Johannesburg, and up to eight online-only auctions.

Strauss & Co Directors: Frank Kilbourn (Executive Chairperson), Vanessa Phillips and Bina Genovese (Joint MDs), Elisabeth Bradley, Dr Conrad Strauss, Caro Wiese, Carmen Welz, Susie Goodman

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