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#NedbankIMC2023 - Doug Place: 3Cs for marketers

The #NedbankIMC #UpClosePersonal conference took place on Friday 15 September at Urban Brew Studios, Johannesburg, playing host to a stellar lineup of marketing and media experts, both local and from abroad.
Doug Place, chief marketing officer of Nando’s.
Doug Place, chief marketing officer of Nando’s.

We caught up with some of the speakers, including Doug Place, chief marketing officer of Nando’s (for South Africa and the Middle East).

Place says marketers play a critical role in business as they are the only function that harnesses all the company resources in the origination to imagine a better future for the organisation.

“Because of the role that business plays in SA, two-thirds of SA’s economy is driven by private consumption and private business, making marketers vital not only for their businesses but for the country as a whole,” says Place.

He adds that it is the biggest opportunity we have as a country is to get our economy back on track. “It is the best tool how to take people out of poverty.”

To achieve this, he gave 3Cs:

  • Contribute meaningfully to the economy.
  • Make sure leaders run their businesses and brands well to collaborate and solve business and societal problems.
  • To embrace the chaos.

“Chaos is the foundation of innovation. Chaos is a problem, but it is also a massive opportunity, and it is our job to run towards chaos and towards problems, to solve consumer problems, which creates the first C, which is a contribution to the economy.

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