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How to increase brand engagement

The world of branding is constantly becoming more complex, with new ways of communicating with audiences being invented daily. However, no matter how much things change, some things will stay the same. Your consumers might change how they communicate with you, but why they communicate with you will never change.
Photo by nappy from Pexels.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been drawn into stories. Whether it’s a book, video game or TV series, a good story appeals to us on an instinctual level. Businesses have long capitalised on this – creating corporate narratives to increase brand awareness and attract audiences. It’s something that informs current and potential markets (as well as internal and external stakeholders) of their essence, impact, values and mission. Doing this on a level where you can convince the masses is challenging – but not impossible. All you need is brand blueprinting and expert stewardship.

Corporations that have a strong brand and online presence are those that ensure their audiences are engaged by their story and can relate to it. They understand that creating valuable, relevant and unique stories is crucial for their longevity in the minds of their consumers.

So how can you improve your current branding efforts if they aren’t quite hitting the mark?

Building your narrative

Your brand narrative should improve your business’s performance, encourage your audiences to act and develop a strong relationship with them at the same time. For this to occur, you need to communicate your story well and understand how your story is seen from their perspective. 

Does your audience know what sets your business apart from others? Does your story appeal to potential customers or clients? What communication mediums will best suit your brand and its story? Answering these questions can assist you in determining your current brand positioning and help you identify ways to uplift or further your brand and business.

Your brand narrative should connect with your audience and create an experience that motivates and stimulates consumer behaviour.

About Terence T Chinyangare

I'm a technology nomad working as an associate brand manager. I travel around meeting clients and helping them navigate new territories through brand blueprinting and stewardship. I strive to know them and think deeply about their unspoken values and needs. My objective is to help them create meaningful experiences, enabling their brand to be successful. Creating opportunities out of the challenges through implementations and evaluation.



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