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HaveYouHeard's new identity offers a more holistic approach to advertising

BTL and word-of-mouth agency, HaveYouHeard has recently announced the expansion of their service offering under a new name, hyh. Under the hyh umbrella, the agency now offers fully integrated creative, design, digital, media, events and communications services for both new and existing clients.
Ryan McFadyen is one the co-founders of hyh, previously HaveYouHeard.
I spoke to co-founder, Ryan McFadyen about how this new identity benefits the business from a marketing perspective and he shares with me the creative challenges they faced during the rebranding process as well as what feedback has been like from existing clients so far.

BizcommunityHaveYouHeard has expanded its service offering under a new name and brand identity. Why the change?

When we originally launched HaveYouHeard, we launched as a specialist word-of-mouth agency and the phrase HaveYouHeard was a definitive statement, which started most conversations. As influence has evolved and become a more integrated and vital part of the marketing mix, we needed to create a new brand identity, which reflected our more holistic approach to advertising.

BizcommunityWhat does expanding the portfolio include and how will it benefit your business from a marketing perspective?

Our intention from the outset was to build the type of agency we as marketers would want to work with. An agency immersed in the culture of our consumers ,and one which is able to exert real influence over behaviour. In order to be this agency, we need to be able to control the entire consumer journey and not simply an aspect of this journey, and hence we extended our portfolio to now include full TTL capabilities, PR, influence, digital, events and experiential, strategy and creative.

The key to unlocking the true potential of this new offering, however, was the eight years we spent building our network of influencers and the deep understanding of not only influencers but also the influence of communities, behavioural interventions and environments as well as our in-house insights team who, coupled with our proprietary research methodologies and tools are able to pull deeper insights quicker than traditional research.

BizcommunityWhat were some of the creative challenges you faced during this rebranding process?

One of the big challenges we faced was in creating a look and feel that was reflective of our new agency direction without totally divorcing ourselves from our heritage. Another challenge was as a brand owner to let go as we collaborated with influencers within our network to co-create the new look and feel. Through that process we loved the idea that the nature of our new look and feel could reflect the flow of conversation we are immersed in and our ability to dip into that flow to pull insights from or insert messaging into the conversation. We extended this co-creation process utilising our influencers to bring us images of their world which we inserted aspects of ourselves into to create the imagery of our CI.

BizcommunityWhat has the feedback been like from existing clients?

Feedback so far has been very positive and not only have we increased our scope of work with our current client base but we’re also picking up new clients.

BizcommunityAny other exciting plans in the pipeline?

Lots of very exciting plans in the pipeline with rollouts of various projects over the next 6 to 12 months, so watch this space.

For more information, click here or engage with hyh on the the following social media platforms: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.
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