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Prioritising the fleet manager

Managing a fleet properly takes much more than finding the fleet vehicles and the people to drive them. There is someone at the top of your fleet who is responsible for reducing crashes, minimising costs and maximising your effectiveness.
Source: Markus Spiske ©
Source: Markus Spiske ©

While much attention is paid to training the drivers, the manager of the drivers can benefit from training just as much.

There are a number of benefits to training your fleet managers:

  • Keep your organisation ahead of new trends and developments
  • Keep ahead of legislation changes
  • Fast implementation of new technology which can assist in cost savings
  • Keep ahead of the latest training developments

    MasterDrive’s new division, MasterFleet, provides companies with a complete fleet management training option. The training is TETA accredited and comprises of internationally accepted material that was developed over a course of 33 years.
  • “MasterDrive is the first driver training company to provide this value-added service. The objective is to improve the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), improve fleet safety and risk management as well as driver development. It is a complex and unique product offering that puts all facets of fleet management and driving together, which has not been done before,” says Johan van Niekerk, who will be running the programme.

    According to the managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, MasterFleet adds convenience and efficiency to their fleet management. “Companies will quickly see the value of this training as vehicle conditions improve, vehicle values increase and operating costs are reduced with an improved ROI. As companies face ever increasing demands on their bottom line, can any CEO or business owner afford to neglect this?” asks Herbert.

    The training is available nationally at MasterDrive’s offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

    To find out more about the importance of this training, contact MasterDrive on 086 110 0618 or visit their website

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