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All the One Show 2023 SA finalists

The One Show 2023 finalist list has been revealed with close to four dozen countries and regions on the list, including South Africa, with local agencies Ogilvy SA, FCB, VMLY&R, Grey Advertising, M&C Saatchi Abel, Grid Worldwide, Promise, Accenture Song with Blackboard and Carat as well as Romance Films all represented.
Image supplied. The One Show 2023 finalist list has been revealed with close to four dozen countries and regions on the list, including South Africa and Africa
Image supplied. The One Show 2023 finalist list has been revealed with close to four dozen countries and regions on the list, including South Africa and Africa

Also listed from continent is Ogilvy Africa.

While all the finalists on the list have won a Pencil or Merit, the finalist list only indicates who will win at The One Show 2023, but not what they’ll win. The Awards will be publicly released 18 May.

Ogilvy has the most finalists on the list with 16 entries.

Geometry Ogilvy Japan / Tokyo + Ogilvy South Africa / Johannesburg has six finalists for client Spotify Japan for the Sound Tour in the categories Design: Out of Home – Series, Design: Out of Home - Brand Installations, Design: Spatial Design - Experiential & Immersive and Design: Craft - Art Direction, Out of Home: Brand Installations, and Out of Home: Craft - Art Direction.

Ogilvy South Africa + Yum KFC / South Africa has four finalists with client Yum KFC for the campaign Anything for the Taste, in the categories Film & Video: Online-only Films & Video - Over 60 Seconds – Single, and Film & Video: Cinema Advertising, Integrated: Integrated Campaign and Integrated: Craft: storytelling.

KFC is the leading local brand and its Anything for the Taste campaign the leading campaign as it is also a finalist with Romance Films / Cape Town + Ogilvy South Africa in three categories: Moving Image Craft & Production: Direction – Single, and Casting as well as the category Music & Sound Craft: Use of Licensed Music.

Ogilvy South Africa / Cape Town + AB InBev / Johannesburg + Darling Films / Johannesburg is also a finalist for client Carling Black Label with the Bride Armour campaign in the category Experiential & Immersive: Events - In-Person and the Out of Home: Experiential & Immersive category.

It is also a finalist with + Volkswagen South Africa / Johannesburg for client Volkswagen South Africa’s campaign Game On, in the category: Interactive & Mobile Craft: Visual Craft – Animation.

Romance Films / Cape Town + FCB Africa is also a finalist in the Moving Image Craft & Production category: Casting for the Western Cape Gvernment campaign, Hurt People, Hurt People.

VMLY&R SA /Jhb and Carat / Jhb is a finalist for client Vodacom for the campaign Anti high-jack Ads in the category Creative Use Data and Innovative in Data as well as for the Parental Control campaign in the Print & Promotional Newspaper – Series and the Print & Promotional Craft - Art Direction categories.

FCB Africa (Pty) Ltd / Cape Town + Digital Youth ICT Academy / Johannesburg is a finalist for client Digital Youth ICT Academy for the entry DYICTA Logo Design in two categories, Design Brand Identity – Rebranding category and in the category Design: Brand Identity – System.

Promise / Johannesburg + AfriSam / Johannesburg + BlackStudio / Johannesburg for client AfriSam + BlackStudio is a finalist for the campaign Plan (a) in two categories Direct Marketing: Physical Items and the Print & Promotional Innovation in Print category.

Grey Advertising Africa / Johannesburg is a finalist for client Savanna for the campaign Jab Jab in the categories and Radio & Audio Broadcast – Single, and Radio & Audio: Craft - Writing – Single.

M&C Saatchi Abel / Johannesburg / Cape Town + Sonovision Studios / Johannesburg is a finalist for Lexus SA for the campaign Silent Letters in the category Radio & Audio: Craft - Writing - Series.

Grid Worldwide / Johannesburg + Houtlander / Johannesburg is a finalist for client Inverroche for the campaign Bee & Bee in the category Design: Packaging – Specialty.

Accenture Song / Johannesburg + Blackboard / Johannesburg + Premium Brand Distributors / Johannesburg is a finalist for Blackboard for the campaign Many Jobs in the category Print & Promotional: Newspaper – Series.

Ogilvy Africa / Nairobi + Kenya Ministry of Health / Nairobi + Roto / Nairobi + Fluid Films / Nairobi is a finalist for client Roto & Kenya Ministry of Health for its Lesso Lessons campaign, in the catorgires Design: Out of Home – Series and Design: Craft – Illustration.

The US, the UK, Canada, Brazil, and France dominate the list while FCB New York, Ogilvy UK, ‿ and us, Area 23, and TBWA\Paris have the most entries.

One submission — FCB New York’s McEnroe vs McEnroe for ABInBev Michelob ULTRA — graces the finalist list 24 times.

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