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#WomensMonth: Carol Ofori - 'Leadership is within us'

Carol Ofori, seasoned voice-over artist, radio presenter, TV host and motivational speaker has been the voice to many of South Africa's most loved brands and is also known for hosting her weekday radio show, Queens of Grace, on Radio 2000, and for presenting SABC 2 parenting talk show, Raising Babies 101.
Radio host, voice-over artist and TV presenter, Carol Ofori.
Radio host, voice-over artist and TV presenter, Carol Ofori.

For Women's Month, we sat down with Ofori and asked her if she thinks enough is being done by companies and brands to portray powerful women in the media. Here she shares some of her thoughts on this and more...

What’s it like literally being the voice for some of the biggest brands in South Africa?

It is exciting and fun. I love doing voice-overs so much and feel like every new job is a challenge. It took a long time to get to this point though. My radio career and voice over career started at pretty much the same time, way back in 2001.

Do you feel enough is being done by companies and brands to portray powerful women in media?

More could definitely be done. It's incredible how many women are pioneers in so many industries but their stories are not told enough. That is why I have a segment called Shero on my show and I highlight women in different industries doing remarkable work.

BizcommunityDo you think the future of media/radio will benefit from more female leadership?

Absolutely, I do believe that.

Women are incredible leaders and do so with finesse. If we just look at how women across the country are running households alone. Households are the backbone of our society – and without a good, solid foundation, children are lost. Leadership is within us – we may not all be assertive and commanding – but we all have our own flair in which we lead.
BizcommunityWhat are your personal tips on getting to the top in this competitive industry, specifically as a woman?

Map your way before you enter this business, know exactly what you want and what you are willing to do to get there. That way you are not easily swayed and thrown into something you would rather not be doing. Also, be kind to yourself, mistakes are bound to happen, what matters most is what you learned from the mistakes.

What is your hope for the next or future generations of women in media/radio industry?

I hope to see more women leading in this industry. I would like to see more women in all aspects of media and broadcasting from behind the scenes to in front of the microphone and camera. I would also like to see more content speaking to women and women’s issues holistically.

And what is your key message to fellow women this Women’s Month?

You are awesome. You are phenomenal. You are doing a great job. Even when things get tough, pick yourself off and face another day like the queen you are. Take on life’s challenges like the queen you know you are.

Anything you’d like to add?

I love the month of August. August for women pushes you to be the best you can be, in so many ways. And, while it’s a month where we celebrate ourselves, I am also celebrating a milestone in my marriage. This month I celebrate my sixth wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband.

You can catch Carol Ofori on Radio 2000 (9am to 12pm) and on SABC 2 presenting Raising Babies 101 – also available on YouTube. Connect with Ofori on Facebook: Carol Ofori, Twitter: @CarolOfori and/or Instagram: @CarolOfori.

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