[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 10: Creating trends and leadership in advertising

Yay, we're through the coldest part of winter, but Biz Takeouts remains hot! This week Wednesday, 10 August 2011, we took a look at creating trends and leadership in advertising, from Apple to world-acclaimed Zimbabwean campaign. The podcast of the Bizcommunity/Chai FM Marketing & Media radio show, Wednesdays 6pm-7pm on 101.9 FM in Johannesburg and via streaming audio, is now available. [twitterfall]


This week show host Kevin Fine (@TheFinester) spoke to the one and only president of TBWA\Africa and the Middle East, Reg Lascaris, and in the other corner, Lisa Cohn, creative manager at Demographica. Take a bite and hear how Reg and Steve Jobs (yes, him) put together the Apple campaign, as well as Reg's take on Nando's and the world-acclaimed Zimbabwean Trillion Dollar campaign, and hear how digital in box advertising fits in!

Yellowwood Future Architects also popped in for the agency focus and group MD David Blyth has some interesting consumer insights for you.

The news roundup was once again done by Fine while Bizcommunity's marketing manager Warren Harding (@WazzaBiz) was still on leave.


If you missed the show, download (39.2MB) or listen to the podcast (42.52 minutes) on the Chai FM website.

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