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Smart-Cnnect: Customised, gamified e-learning for staff

According to the Mobile Learning Global Market Report 2022, the mobile learning market globally is expected to reach $155.81 billion in 2026 at a CAGR - Compound Growth Rate - of 30.12%. Smart Media, in-store media specialists, partnered with e-learning experts Cnnect™ in 2019 to provide interactive training for staff on the move.
Smart-Cnnect: Customised, gamified e-learning for staff

Traditionally, businesses have seen hours of productivity lost, not to mention large amounts of money disbursed for formal training sessions with low knowledge retention. The Cnnect app, enables training to be taken anywhere, anytime. Even while staff are on the ground, or without mobile data, removing barriers to learning and ensuring customer engagement can continue fluidly.

Regan du Preez, chief operating officer at Smart Media, says: “It has been three rewarding years since we first partnered with Cnnect™. To date the platform has shown impressive results in terms of staff engagement, productivity and a definite increase in product knowledge. The results enable retailers to garner key insights to further customise the experience and gives suppliers access to key staff for maximum educational brand awareness as well as uplifting product engagement.”

Two-hundred-and-fifty-four Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide are currently active on the app, while an average score of 90% has been achieved on various types of training activities. These stats clearly prove that the mobile app is gaining substantial interest from staff.

Furthermore, since inception over 357,000 courses have been downloaded by dispensary staff with a completion rate of 90%. A total of 1.6 million hours was spent in the app completing over 19 million learning sessions.

“We knew this would revolutionise how retailers provide staff training. An interactive environment combined with a gamified approach, creates the ideal experience while maximising convenience and cost-efficiency,” concludes Du Preez.

Smart-Cnnect is a modern, digital-first approach to simplify the learning process for medium to large-scale organisations. By taking place on a mobile app, it eliminates challenges such as time and connectivity limitations and reduces the need for face-to-face interaction.

The customisable experience provides user-friendly interfaces, advanced methods of knowledge retention and the ability to communicate important information with staff, instantly. The platform enables access to the latest company information, broadcast and segmented announcements or product and services updates with the convenience of flexible training.

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