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Bidroom comes to SA

Online booking community,, has announced that it will expand to South Africa. The platform plans to connect with more channel managers after receiving official certification from Cubilis.

Michael Ros. Photo: Tycho's Eye Photography

The expansion to the Republic of South Africa means that the users will now be able to look up and book South Africa’s best hotels and private apartments on

“Even though our main focus is still on the European market, we are receiving a lot of inquiries and requests from the hotels and B&Bs in South Africa. We decided to accept some of those and expand our offer to a geographical area that we haven’t been active in before. We plan on shifting our attention out of Europe in 2017, to further expand in Asia and Africa,” said Michael Ros, CEO at

Along with the signing up of the first South African hotels and apartments, the company has announced the improvement to the way the search engine works. The hotels and apartments can now be tied to more than one city, which means more search results, as they will include the hotels and apartments from the neighbouring cities from now on.

“The ability to associate a hotel or an apartment with more than one city has to be seen as an improvement to our platform. It will definitely be helpful for the hotels in smaller towns that are located next to the bigger and more popular cities. It gives more options to the users as well,” Ros explained.
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