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The AFDA guide to Open Day 2019

AFDA Open Day: Saturday, 17 August 2019, 10am-2pm Campuses: Johannesburg - Cape Town - Durban - Port Elizabeth `

Ready to arrive for Open Day at your nearest AFDA campus? We've put together a guide so that you can get the very best out of your AFDA Open Day experience.

Deciding on your future studies is a big deal and Open Day events can be a tad overwhelming, especially for the Creative Economy. You do not want to leave Open Day regretting not having asked that question you had...? So take a little time to plan ahead, get all the information you need to make an informed choice, jot down all the questions you feel you need to ask and most of all, have fun doing it.

Locate the campus

Using the address of the AFDA campus you will be attending, plan your route you will need to take on the day. Get a lift, plan an Uber ride in or check buses and train times. You can call any of the campuses and our friendly reception staff will be able to advise you how best to get to the campus.

Stay connected

Charge your phone ahead of time so you can navigate your way there. You are also going to want to take pics and make videos to share with your family, friends or online. You can also tell us about your experience - we'd love to hear from you!

Get with the programme

Grab the Open Day programme when you arrive so that you know what live demonstrations you want to see, and by who, when and where it's happening. There will be an alumni guest speaker talking around the start of Open Day, so don't miss it! You can also have a one-on-one Q&A with an AFDA staff - just ask our Recruitment Team at the Welcome station to assist you.

Find out more about the 26 majors on offer at AFDA. There will be live Film, Television, Performance, Music and Business Innovation demonstrations by AFDA students and staff from all of our courses (relevant and on offer per campus). From Higher Certificates to Undergraduate, and to Postgraduate Honours and Masters. Ask any staff member or student with a colour-coded lanyard, and they will help you. There will be a few complimentary refreshments at the Welcome station but you can also visit our campus canteen if you would like a cool drink or a bite to eat.

Come prepared. Don't hold back on asking questions!
  • How do I apply? (Come to Open Day and we will help you apply!)
  • Is there an application fee? (Heads up - Nope, no application fee!)
  • What are the requirements? Do I need specific subjects?
  • Are AFDA courses accredited?
  • What international recognition does AFDA have?
  • What is registration and how do I do it?
  • What does provisional acceptance mean?
  • What is enrolment and when would I need to enrol?
  • Where could I get employment after studying at AFDA?
  • Can I start my own business when I graduate?
  • Where do I download the 2019 fee structure?
  • Can I apply for a student loan from the bank?
  • Do you offer bursaries?
  • Where are all the AFDA campuses?
  • Are there student accommodation options I can consider?
  • Does AFDA have alumni I may know? How do I find out more about them?
  • How does that AFDA BCom compare to a BCom at other institutions?
  • Can I study film/TV and live performance at the same time?
Most importantly...

Open Day is a fun day to get inspired about your future career prospects for the creative industries, take your time and enjoy, get everything you need out of it. We are looking forward to welcome you and have you studying with us in the near future!

AFDA's press office

AFDA AFDA is a registered private higher education institution offering accredited degree and higher certificate programmes for the creative economy. AFDA is also a member of CILECT, an international association for over 180 top film and television institutions worldwide.