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Introducing Hotazel and why its temperature matters to you!

While South Africans were battling an intense heatwave, which hit the country about three weeks ago, many have been left with a great need for extra cold refreshment and for their summer to be unlocked. One of the hottest towns in South Africa, Hotazel in the Northern Cape, has been the reason for over 20,000 South Africans getting refreshed every time this small town known for sweltering temperatures reached 35°C.

Plenty of South Africans have not heard or known of Hotazel before the Castle Lite summer ad. Although many are in disbelief that Hotazel is real, the top 10 facts to know about the town will shock you.
  1. Hotazel is a town in John Taolo Gaetsewe District Municipality in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.
  2. The legend of how the town was named goes back to a time, shortly after World War I, when a bunch of land surveyors had a drinking session out in the red sands and, while discussing the place over drinks, called it ‘hot as hell’ and the name stuck!
  3. It officially became a town in the 1950s.
  4. The town is virtually on the border with Botswana.
  5. At least 48.8% of Hotazel residents are Tswana-speaking people.
  6. In the hottest months of the year, the climate soars over 37°C regularly.
  7. According to, “Hotazel is home to an open-quarry manganese ore mine and sinter plant. Interestingly, the mine is South Africa's first Black woman-owned manganese mine, said to be the world's largest sinter plant, producing three million tonnes of ore every year.”
  8. One of SA’s richest families, the Oppenheimers own a luxury lodge in Hotazel.
  9. The temperature gets so hot that people make jokes about the town like “The place is so hot, the chickens there lay hard-boiled eggs.”
  10. Castle Lite’s #UnlockSummer campaign, which aims to refresh the country, was inspired by the temperature in Hotazel.

In order to qualify for the ultimate extra cold refreshment, South Africans have been encouraged to register at and get refreshed with a six-pack to unlock their summer every time the temperature in Hotazel reached 35°C s this summer.

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