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Vicinity 4D: We're not just advertising, we're mining data

At Vicinity Media, we've jumped into the big data space big time. We currently process over 500 million data points every month from our audience of 10 million-plus unique users through direct integrations with SA's best and most trusted premium publishers. This data 'gold dust' has become the underlying foundation on which our business ecosystem is built and allows our homegrown proprietary technology to laser target your audience unlike any other.
Vicinity 4D: We're not just advertising, we're mining data

These are the four unique data points we harness to drive our business and hit your advertising objectives out the park.
  • Geo-Demographic Data
  • Intent Data
  • Physical Affinity Data
  • Past Campaign Data

Together these four data points comprise the ‘Rolls Royce’ of audience targeting available in the SA digital space... and the proof is in the numbers. Let's look at the results we’ve recently achieved in the following sectors:

Hospitality Sector
Past Campaign Targeting – CTR: 21.05%

Motor Sector
Intent Targeting – CTR: 11.01%

Healthcare Sector
Geo-Demographic Targeting – CTR: 14.21%

QSR Sector
Physical Affinity Targeting – CTR: 2.59%

We're not just advertising, we're mining data
Our philosophy is that every time we run a campaign with a client partner we’re not just advertising, we’re mining data. It’s data that will make your next campaign more successful and may just spark the entire strategy of your campaign after that.

Join us on our data journey and see what our four unique data points can do for your brand.
Vicinity 4D: We're not just advertising, we're mining data

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