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    Nurture attention into engagement with experiential marketing - Create the real customer experience

    Have you ever heard the quip "I'm too poor to even pay attention"? That would certainly be a shame in the marketing world in this day and age, as attention these days is quite frankly considered to be currency! Without attention, a business and product simply cannot thrive. With the right attention however, you can see your business, product and brand soar to new heights. How do you get the right type of attention? You do this by creating an experience that doesn't just draw attention, but nurtures the type of engagement that is good for your business, as much as it is good for your consumers.

    Our lives are made up of experiences. Good ones and bad ones – the point is that it’s the experiences that affect our daily choices and decisions. It makes perfect sense that creating a truly wonderful experience for your customers will be what ensures their loyalty and helps them to associate positive thoughts with your business and brand. This is where experiential marketing comes in.

    Where companies misunderstand experiential marketing is how it truly works. Companies tend to work in departments and instead of creating a seamless experience as a whole brand or package; things can become stilted or inconsistent. If you are interested in creating a truly amazing customer experience, you will need to tie everything in perfectly. Everything from the events where consumers can try out your products, fun videos, new fabulous packaging, seamless customer support, online shopping convenience, an astoundingly exceptional product and more, needs to tie in – it all needs to present a phenomenal experience to the consumer. It’s not longer good enough to have a quirky marketing slogan and attractive packaging or branding to get ahead. You need to give your customers something more – everyone’s looking for something more.

    If you are going to use experiential marketing, you can’t leave things up to change. A truly emotional, engaging, meaningful, thoughtful, inspirational and mutually beneficial experience has to be designed with meticulous care. The lifecycle of the experience needs to be carefully thought out. The objective should be for your consumers to walk away thinking “Wow! That was great!” and with the right marketing team on your side, that can most certainly be achieved.

    Experiential Marketing Services from Tradeway

    At Tradeway we create experiential marketing campaigns for our clients based on the intended outcome. We will help you to create opportunities for your consumers to truly experience your brand and product and to connect and engage with you on the type of “personal” level that keeps a customer close, loyal and attentive for many years to come.

    For more information and advice on our advertising and marketing campaigns and services, contact us via email or telephone at Tradeway today.

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