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Learning from negative event feedback

Remember, people need (and deserve) to be heard. If it's clear to an attendee that you've heard them and taken their negative event feedback seriously, they're much less likely to kick up a bigger fuss. Unhappy people can be demanding and may require you to adjust the way you normally communicate in order to fit their needs but think of it as experience gained - the more you practice communicating, the better you'll become at it.
Learning from negative event feedback

Nothing puts things into perspective quite like a little bit of drama or negative feedback. While the days before the event might have been spent fussing over the perfect shade of purple for the napkins, an actual problem on the day will go a long way in teaching you the value of solid preparation, a strong team, and the ability to work quickly and efficiently under pressure – and for an event manager, that’s more valuable than anything else.

Read our full blog to find out what else you can learn from negative event feedback:

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