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Youth Marketing News South Africa

SA marketers not speaking to moms

South African marketers are not focusing on moms in their marketing campaigns; they are speaking to women, to men, to the youth - but not to the gatekeeper. This is the opinion of Maria Bailey, CEO and president of US-based company BSM Media.

Bailey was speaking to on the side about her experience of South Africa. She was an international speaker at the Kids & Tweens Conference that was held at the Balalaika Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg, 20 - 21 August 2008.

“All moms are women, but not all women are moms. The communication in general does not say anything to a powerful consumer who not only buys products but influences the decision-making when buying groceries,” said Bailey.

Her advice to marketers whose jobs it is to sell their brands to kids and tweens: start awareness campaigns and be honest when communicating to the inexperienced young audiences. Learn about the people who are purchasing their products and redirect messages to them. Moms are in control of household expenses and they want to be positioned as family financial heroes, want to be rewarded and want convenience.

According to Bailey, moms of all categories are the most informed consumers and it has become a trend to know what is getting into their children's bodies. Moms want their children's lives to be enriched and seek help in being better mothers. They are looking for balance and simplicity that will bring solutions to their hectic schedules. They seek relationships and want to be engaged in dialogues, are moved by emotion and have an inherent sense of humour.

In comparison with fathers, mothers can recollect up to 70% more detail, which allows them to interpret multiple marketing messages.

Speaking about self-regulation, Bailey said change is not always easy. People are always reluctant to change; amid all of that, they still find new and innovative ways of marketing their products. Those marketing non-essential food need to start spreading messages of smaller size options, and also inform the consumer about counter excessive consumption per serving.

The Kid & Teen Republic Conference is an annual event, hosted by Knowledge Resources. For any queries, please contact Maureen Joubert on 083 226 6657 or

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