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Porn industry eyes Google Glass

IOL reports that Google Glass is enjoying - if that is the right word - keen interest from the porn quarter in the US, and Google itself might find the situation somewhat embarrassing.
(Image: Extracted from Google Glass website)

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  • IOL: Porn industry hot for Google Glass... It's reported that porn producers in the US are keen to get their hands on Google Glass eyewear for X-rated films, apparently to "explore the 'full potential' of the technology," reports IOL.

    In an interesting use of language, "the adult film industry is said to be interested in using the specs for point-of-view shots in a 'truly hands-free fashion' as opposed to having one hand on the camera." Makes you wonder what the hands will now be free to do...

    But it's not only the porn pros who want to get their hands on the eyewear; the amateurs too are just as keen to get their hands on it, because the technology will apparently make it even easier for said amateurs to make their own porn films.

    According to IOL, porn actress Missy Martinez said, "it could lead to a slew of 'gonzo-style' movies from amateurs with no experience."

    No experience of what? Porn film direction and production? Writing "story lines" (the term is used in its widest sense, of course) or acting? Let's face it, the average story line (not that I'd know, of course) is low on acting ability and high on cheesy dialogue and totally unbelievable situations - often including the drop-dead gorgeous neighbour (and his/her partner, naturally) or electrician or something... "Whah gee, Mistah Brown, could you help me with mah violin lessons? Whah, Mistah Brown, what are you doin' with that bow? ... Ooo, Mistah Brown..."

    Of course, Google itself might not be too chuffed that its latest offering is of keen interest to the porn industry, but let's face it - we humans have a long history of taking something that has been developed with pure motives, and then degrading it by using it for purposes for which it was never intended.
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