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On the Dot receives prestigious awards at Media24 Excellence Awards evening

The Media24 awards ceremony held on Friday, 29 July, saw On the Dot, the logistics and distribution arm of Media24, walk away with a large number of prizes, and deservingly so.
So much effort has gone into the re-organisation of the On the Dot business into a more cost-effective one and chasing down new customers. In January this year, Media Sales and Logistics were running 50 projects, Pamphlets were improving their operational efficiencies, securing new business and launching innovative new service offerings to grow revenue, and the Subscriptions team were doing exactly the same - signing on new business and driving down the cost of their operations. The finance team was cleaning house whilst gearing towards finance centralisation, and their HR team were supporting the business through the largest scale restructuring that On the Dot has ever been through. And, it all came together in the best way possible this past Friday when On the Dot stole the show at the Media24 Awards Ceremony.

  • On the Dot won the Media24 DP de Villiers Award for the best performing business unit in Media24

  • Ishmet Davidson also deservingly won the prestigious Media24 award for Excellence in Management

  • On the Dot Pamphlets Division won the On The Dot Excellence Award

  • On the Dot Innovation award went to Milan Stuchlik

    So, all in all, an incredible achievement that belongs to everyone of On the Dot staff members that put in more than 100% into their roles every day.

    From left Milan Stuchlik, Commercial Manager, OtD ML&S (Innovations award), Rika Swart, General Manager, Otd ML&S on behalf of OtD (Media24 DP de Villiers,
    Award for the best performing business unit in Media24), Rico Brand, General Manager, OtD Pamphlets on behalf of OtD Pamphlets (On The Dot Excellence Award),
    Andre Krog, Financial Manager, OtD and Ishmet Davidson, General Manager, OtD (Media24 award for Excellence in Management)
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  • On the DotOn the Dot, South Africa's largest media supply chain management company, offers distribution solutions for magazines, newspapers, subscriptions, community newspapers, pamphlets and non-media parcels through direct to store, home delivery and informal networks.



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